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At one point and time in history the United States was the leader in just about every innovation and design making the products everyone wanted from cars to television sets. But times have changed for sure and most items are now made in foreign markets, and most of those in the Asian areas.

Massage chairs have been wildly popular in Japan for decades and of course most of the leaders in this industry just like so many other products are Asian companies. Panasonic has been making massage chairs for well over 30 years and have been not only a leader in these therapeutic devices but also one of the innovators driving the industry to make it better.

In many industries when a company finds themselves on top in sales for quite some time they tend to not make changes to their products out of fear of messing up what is working. But at Panasonic they have not been afraid to add and remove features to their chairs in order to continually provide the best therapeutic massage recliner available to those looking for pain and stress relief.

Panasonic has spent years studying the movements of real massage therapists as well as chiropractors to bring the most realistic therapeutic massage available from a chair. Each chair is packed with several different massage techniques and pre-programmed massages so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the massage and there is no hassles with hard to understand consoles.

Of course what many people like the most about Panasonic massage chairs is what they cannot see about them. These massage chair recliners are made using the best parts so you can count on your chair working well beyond its already generous warranty period. With so many other massage chairs plastic parts are used and they wear out quickly or even break making them useless so much sooner.

As people age, their hips begin to lose not only bone density but mobility as well and this seems to be more even more pronounced in women than in men. This leads to difficulty walking as well as potential falls that may leave them with potentially life altering broken bones. Luckily the mobility in their hips as well as in other joints in the body can be treated to significantly slow down this process so that those individuals can lead a fuller life just as they did when they were younger.

Massage has been proven to promote the body to create the lubricants naturally found in our joints that are needed to retain mobility as well as flexibility. This massage does not have to come from a massage therapist either. Many home massage chairs include options for getting the area around the hips thoroughly to help those who already suffer from pain and lose of flexibility in this area to those who just want to prevent this from happening to them. In many cases these massage chair recliners are utilizing air bags in order to massage the hips and relief them of pain and promote healing in the area.

For a long time massage chairs were either glorified recliners with a vibrating mechanism built inside or a chair that looked more like something out of a hospital and not something for your home. With only these two choices even those who could have used one and knew the benefits of a quality massage just did not want to buy an inferior chair or one that looked terrible in their den or living room.

Newer massage chairs are starting to look like leather recliners so they are more appealing to those who want to have the benefits of a daily massage but without the hospital look. Plus the technology in these chairs have improved to the point they are just as effective at relieving the body of stress as well as pain as any masseuse or massage therapist.

Panasonic recently showed off their new massage sofas that look even more like traditional pieces of furniture than ever before. Yet these chairs are packed with the features that have made Panasonic massage chairs some of the most sought out in the industry by shoppers who want only the best massage chair for their home. So now users can have it all; great looks and effective functioning in a massage chair in their home.

Many taller people feel left out when it comes to the majority of designs on a home massage chair. For them this chairs just feel way too small, the rollers do not land on just the right spots, and the calf and foot massage rarely works well on their longer legs. But the Panasonic EP1285 is a massage chair that includes all the features that everyone wants in a design that can be custom fitted to accommodate a longer framed individual.

The EP1285 includes an extendable leg ottoman, which will allow up to six additional inches as compared to the average massage chair. This will place the calf massagers in just the right position and will also include a foot massager for those who need the extra attention that this feature can add to their relaxation. The rollers on the chair can also be adjusted making it easier for the taller person to make sure they hit the parts of the body they were intended to massage.

Of course this extendable design is utilized on a massage chair that has everything that any user would come to want to take care of most any chronic pain or stress they feel in their body. By combining the classic Swedish massage with the Panasonic exclusive Chiro-Mode as well as a deep tissue Shiatsu massage you can get complete body care in one easy to operate chair for your home. The chair has several pre-programmed sessions that utilize the techniques the rollers are capable of performing. These massages can be easily controlled with the remote control which stores away discreetly in the side pocket when the chair is not in use. Making this one massage chair that not only performs well but looks great sitting in your living room so you do not look like you live in a hospital like some chairs do.

As much as we want everyone to use a massage chair to help their bodies with stress and chronic pain so that users feel great, we also do not want a massage chair to cause someone harm. Of course for the most part the general use of a massage chair is perfectly fine in moderation, but if you have any questions for your specific case than please consult your physician before you begin using one in your home. But those who use a massage chair should remember the keyword moderation when using their chair. A good thing such as massage and even exercise can be too much of a good thing if used too much.

Most chiropractic and massage chair experts recommend users spend fifteen minutes at a time in a massage chair. Overuse can actually harm the body and there are no extra benefits with extra use. But if a user spends too much time in their massage chair with the unit actually massaging their body there can be some consequences. Potentially the user can experience bruising in some areas. Plus they can damage and possibly inflame their body tissue especially if the chair is giving a more intense massage.
Most massage chairs have a built in timer as well as pre-programmed massages that will help them ensure that they do not use the chair too long for any particular session. Of massage chairs have evolved a lot since their early days and they are now much more comfortable to sit in when the chair is not actually operating. Older models were not as comfortable so many users did not want to sit in them too long. Of course you can still sit in your chair as much as you like to watch TV or to read a book it is only the operating time that users need to regulate for their safety.

A massage chair is an expensive item for most people, but for those who do the math they are well worth every penny. Whether you are comparing the cost of the massage chair with the cost of regular visits to a masseuse or to the amount of money that may come from missed work due to chronic pain they are a real bargain. But that still does not change the fact that not too many people have a few thousand dollars that they can use right away to purchase one of these chairs for their home.

Luckily the good folks over at Massage Chair Relief has a very affordable financing program available for the massage chairs they sell via their storefront or their website. Those interested in purchasing one of the quality chairs they offer from such great companies as Human Touch or Panasonic can now easily apply for financing right on their website.

By financing your home massage chair you can get the relief you need now and make very affordable monthly payments on the model you choose. The process could not be easier and there is hardly any wait before they get back to you on the status of your application for financing your massage chair.

If you are looking for a quality mid-range massage chair for your home than the Panasonic 30003 may just be the particular chair you are looking for to relief your body of stress and pain. This chair is one of the most advanced chairs available in this price range. Of course there is so many features and technologies packed into this chair some users complain that it is too much especially if you are the type who does not like to read a users manual. Luckily Panasonic realized this and built in a easy to operate and understand voice guidance system that can walk you through the use and features of the chair.

Panasonic also choose to add the Junetsu massage technique to the 30003 which is a deep massage for the body which feels really great on the back for those who tend to have really tight muscles in this area. A Junetsu massage can really loosen up really tight areas in your back which for those who sit often for work or do a lot of heavy lifting they will truly appreciate this feature. Of course others who do not like a deep tissue type of massage this is not the chair for those who prefer a more gentle style. For these people there are plenty of other models available which give a more relaxing massage.

Others who have tried the Panasonic 30003 raved about the easy to use remote control, which controls the features on the massage chair very simple. This remote also has a voice activation feature making this chair one of the easiest to control on the market. For the money this massage chair is one of the best available with lots of features packed into a well built massage chair that will deliver a massage comparable to that of higher end models.