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For those who have significant pain in their arms or legs the Human Touch HT-5320 is a very unique massage chair that can handle these specific areas very well. Whether you are an athlete who needs to pay special attention to your appendages for a quick and complete recovery. Or even if you are suffering from pains from ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome or fibromyalgia and need relief in order to go about your daily lives this chair can help you with your needs.

For the arms the HT-5320 is the only massage chair on the market to have this useful feature. Adjustable sleeves are available that you can position on your arm wherever you need the relief. This sleeve can be easily moved aside if you do not want to use the feature or put into place where you need the massage. This will give the chair user a slow air massage in the area. This is perfect for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or other muscle or tendon issues in their arm.

For the legs this Human Touch massage chair also includes this same slow air sleeve for the thighs. This too is unique to the HT-5230 making it ideal for those with restless leg syndrome or athletes who depend on their legs getting maximum recovery after a particularly strenuous workout. When this is combined with the leg and foot massage that is built into the ottoman you have a very thorough massage to an area of our bodies that must take holding up our weight daily. The calf massage can do wonders for your legs while the feet massage can have benefits way beyond just your feet. Reflexology has shown that massage in specific areas of the feet can aid your body with digestion and evn get rid of headaches. Making the leg and arm massage on this chair extremely valuable to many.

Heat can play a vital role in a massage to those with severe lower back pain but of course not all massage chairs include this feature on them in order to cut costs. By removing the heating feature and a few other non-essential extras can make massage chairs much more affordably for those who want a good massage at an affordable price. Of course for those who want the many benefits of heat with your massage there are many massage chairs with this feature to choose from.

Heat applied to the lower back during a massage increase the moisture, which in turn speeds repair to the muscles and tissues in the area by increasing circulation.

Just as heat on a hot summer day expands your pores so does the heat from the massage chair. This will increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles that will also include nutrients the body needs to heal and repair itself from the inside out.

Heat applied during massage will loosen up overly tight muscles that will decrease stiffness and increase flexibility.

Of course applying heat during massage just also feels good. Most people tend to relax much more when they are warm so by adding heat into the mix the body as well as the muscles will relax significantly making the massage that much more affective on the tense areas which are causing pain.

Many chiropractors recommend alternating hot and cold compresses to the area when there is great pain or extremely tight muscles. Many massage chairs allow you to turn on and off the heat as you desire so that you can use the heat therapy as you need. These chairs also are designed so that the user should not be able to apply too much heat that can result in a burn to the user of the chair.

The tough economic times has many people watching their budget very carefully. With many losing their jobs and homes around us it is hard to consider purchasing what some might think is a luxury item; a home massage chair. Yet for many Americans with chronic aches and pains in their bodies it is hard to call something that helps you continue to work a luxury. For some the pain can actually affect their ability to effectively hold down their jobs and the relief that a massage chair can bring makes working easier to accomplish.

For those who need massage to help their bodies, a massage chair in their home is not a luxury but a necessity. But there is still no need to spend more money than necessary for a quality massage chair. True there are some exceptional chairs with some amazing features available on the upper end of the cost spectrum that are truly luxury items as well as beneficial. But you do not have to spend a fortune to get a quality massage chair that can give a healing and therapeutic massage that will benefit your body.

Human Touch makes an extensive line of massage chairs, the iJoy, that are affordable on just about any budget. These chairs may not have as many features as the more expensive models, but in many cases these features are not even noticed by the average user. These iJoy massage chairs use the four primary massage techniques are recommended by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedist which are highly effective at removing the pain and stress from your body. Of course you do not sacrifice appearance in these chairs either since they are made with quality materials and come in models that will fit well into your home décor.

Acupressure is one of the most effective massage methods in use for overall stress relief and body wellness. This massage technique has its ancient origins in Asian cultures and comes in several variations, which vary the use of rhythms, techniques and pressure to on the pressure points that are located throughout the body. Not to be confused with acupuncture, which utilizes needles to manipulate the pressure points in your body, acupressure is a soothing massage using the fingers to stimulate the body.

This ancient art form holds the theory that every body has points throughout that contain the body’s life force or chi. By applying pressure to these points during a massage it is believed that muscles tension will be relieved and circulation of the blood will increase. This massage technique has proven very effective in treating headaches, back pain, arthritis, stress, menstrual cramps and more.

The use of touching points on your body to relieve pain is clearly evident as useful when you watch that many people will do this on themselves when they are feeling pain. A excellent example is the touching of the temples by those who are suffering from a headache. Acupressure massage is rooted in this human gesture that is common among us all despite the pain location and any other variable.

For those seeking an acupressure massage of course you can see a massage therapist who specializes in this technique or you can get one of the many massage chairs available for your home that mimics the same movements. Many chairs such as those from Panasonic incorporate this technique into their products since they are so relaxing and highly effective for relieving the body of pain and tension. Massage chairs are not only effective at offering pressure point massage but also many other massage techniques so that you can get exactly the massage you need in each session.

We all hear about the amazing benefits of the massage chair and how it can alleviate pain and reduce stress of those who use one in their lives. Of course just like with a healthy diet and exercise this practice must be done on a regular basis to reap the benefits on a more in depth level. A massage can make you feel good right away but to truly get reduced pain and stress in your life on a day to day basis even when you have not used the massage chair in several hours you have to use one regularly. Of course since the purchase of one places it in your home where it is easy to use there is no excuse for not getting all the benefits of such a wondrous product.

Pregnancy has lots of effects on the body of the woman who is carrying the child and this can for some women make the experience an uncomfortable one. When you take into account that the woman has to be careful what she puts into her body this can make getting relief from some of the side effects a little tough for some. But there is relief that is totally safe for the mother and child in the form of massage.

Pregnancy creates changes in the body both mentally and physically that can be anywhere from very slight to very heavy and this will vary from woman to woman. Mood swings, nausea, back pain, heartburn, water retention, and so much more can really make a woman who is pregnant very uncomfortable.

Massage whether from a massage therapist or a home massage chair can alleviate all of these symptoms and make the pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience for all women. The benefits of massage can take care of all the physical and mental changes that a woman is experiencing even when they are more severe than in other women. Of course all women should consult their obstetrician before seeking massage therapy to ensure this is something that will not affect any personal situations unique to you.

When you are an aging senior joint flexibility and mobility are important to a body that not only performs well but also feels good. When we age are bodies begin to dehydrate and lose of fluids in our joints vastly decreases our flexibility in the connective tissues of the joints. Massage from a massage chair in your home can encourage the production of the natural lubricants in tissues, ligaments, and joints to increase the flexibility and range of motion we have in our bodies. This will enhance an active life well into the older year of seniors to make life full of their favorite activities.