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In the world of therapeutic massage there exists a variety of styles – everything from Lomi Lomi massage from Polynesia, to Lymphatic system massage, all customized to produce very particular results. One such therapeutic massage technique, deep tissue massage, has continued to improve in popularity, because of in part to being able to release an enormous amount of pressure.  That is obviously very helpful in a world where tension and stress so often reigns in every aspect of our lives.

Deep tissue massage is effective due to the technique – comprising slower, strong therapeutic massage movements that works heavy into muscles. This is often especially helpful for sports athletes who expose their own muscles to every day, intensive conditioning. Deep tissue massage may noticeably loosen muscle tissue, elevate pain, as well as increase mobility — all significant advantages for an athlete. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a sports athlete to enjoy the benefits of heavy tissue massage, and you don’t even have to go to an expensive spa.  Many of today’s massage chairs also offer deep tissue options.

A leather massage chair can be a great addition to any home.  Not only can it provide you and your entire family with the relaxing comfort of massage, it can also be a lovely complement to your home décor.  Unfortunately, like most furniture, your chair may become stained or dirty at some point.  It is important with any leather upholstery to first test a small amount of your chosen cleaning product on a small, unnoticed area of the chair, (such as on the back, near the floor), in order to ensure the product is safe for use on leather.

The leg rests and chair backs of today’s massage chairs are certainly amongst their finest attributes. Both are typically quite simple to use and provide instant relaxation and comfort. With many models, all you need to do is to press a button on the remote control in order to recline the chair. The leg rest and back portions of the chair work with each other to enable you to fully stretch your entire body. The leg rest will generally rise after you recline the actual back of the chair, or it may raise simultaneously. Likewise, when you raise the back of the massage chair, the leg rest will then be lowered. The near zero-gravity position attainable by reclining the chair back and raising up your leg rest is ideal for proper distribution of your body’s weight which helps to alleviate the stress on your spine while providing maximum comfort.

The varieties of massage available in massage chairs today come from a diverse mix of cultures and styles. Eastern cultures view the human body as a network of energy channels or centers. An obstruction or unevenness in the meridians or chakras can cause a variety of health problems. While Eastern massage techniques focus on the energy systems of the body, Western massage concentrates on the overall physical body.

The Eastern View

Western massage techniques available in a massage chair are based on the anatomy, pathology, and physiology of the body. The Western tradition views the body as a physical entity that can potentially break down and become physically diseased. By focusing on the specific parts of the human anatomy, Western massage styles endeavor to repair the entire body as a combination of its parts. If you venture into a Western Doctor’s office, you will likely find a lot of diagrams and charts depicting the various parts of the human body: organs, muscles, bones, and systems.

Western Massage Techniques available in most Massage Chairs

Developed by Henri Peter Ling at the University of Stockholm in the 1810s, this technique utilizes long, smooth strokes. The Swedish technique also employs deep rubbing action too.

The basic strokes of this style are: 1. Long strokes, 2. Deep kneading strokes, 3. Hard pressure, slow jabbing movements, and 4. Fast prodding movements. For people who suffer from painful or frequent muscle spasms, this style of massage can provide a significant amount of relief. By helping muscles relax, Swedish massage can help energize the entire body. This technique helps stretch connective tissue to release muscles constriction and spasm, which may have previously caused pain.

For chronic muscle spasms, knots (called “adhesions”), and pain that are not taken care of by Swedish massage, a similar technique called Deep Tissue Massage may be helpful. It uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but in a deeper, harder way.The Eastern Tradition

While Western techniques address the body and its specific parts, Eastern techniques address the energy flow of the body and try to restore a healthy balance to the body and mind.

In the Eastern Massage Traditions, the body’s meridians, (energy channels) are stimulated in order to achieve proper balance in the body and mind. That’s why in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the use of Acupuncture is often a part of treatment.Western Massage Styles Available in most Massage Chairs

It employs movements to help open up the body’s energy channels. Pressure is applied to the Chinese acupuncture points on the surface of the body in order to stimulate the flow of energy. The Chinese call the body’s energy “qi.” Shiatsu encourages the flow of energy by manipulating the arms and legs as well.

Acupressure techniques are closely related to Shiatsu. They are also concerned with opening up the body’s energy pathways and centers in order to promote balance throughout the body and mind. By supporting the functioning of the immune system, Acupressure helps the body heal itself.

For the advantages of both Eastern and Western techniques, try a home massage chair.

When used properly, a home massage chair has no negative effects. Unfortunately, some people do experience slight side effects through overuse or improper use of their massage chair.

Potential Negative Effects

· Pain – the pressure used to relieve tension and pain with Shiatsu and deep tissue massage settings may cause some slight residual pain. Nerves or muscles may be slightly irritated through improper use of the Shiatsu or deep tissue massage settings on your home massage chair. Any pain experienced is generally mild and only lasts for a few hours after massage or, in rare cases, a few days, and abates on its own.

· Circulation – if you have circulatory issues, you may want to consult your doctor before beginning a home massage chair or other massage treatment. Especially if you have previously experienced blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis, which may be aggravated by massage.

· Allergies – if you are allergic to leather or other materials, you may experience a slight allergic reaction to your massage chair. If you know you have a pre-existing allergy to the material of your chair, be sure to wear clothing that covers any skin that would otherwise come into contact with the chair. Proper clothing should prevent any allergic reactions.

· Infection – the massage therapy provided by your home massage chair or other forms of massage helps to release enzymes and toxins that have accumulated in your muscles, so it is recommended to drink plenty of water during the day following massage. Water will help flush toxins from the body quicker. If your immune system is impaired for any reason, consult your doctor before starting any massage treatment to avoid infection and other possible complications caused by the release of toxins during massage.

· Skin Fragility or Bruising –if you bruise easily, be sure to use a low or softer pressure option as hard pressure massage can cause bruising.

· Low Blood Sugar – as massage can lower the body’s blood sugar levels, if you are diabetic, consult your doctor before using a massage chair or starting any massage treatment program.

· Fatigue – a study by the National University of Health Sciences (Illinois) found that approximately 1% of their test group experienced fatigue for 24 hours or less

· Headache – the same study found that about 1% of test subjects likewise had a headache within 12 hours after their massage treatment, but those experiencing headaches stated that their headaches went away within 24 hours or less as well

The National University of Health Sciences also found that test subjects experienced positive side effects after their massage including:

· Improved circulatory function (over 3% of test subjects)

· Improved respiratory function (over 3% of test subjects)

· Improved digestion (5.5% of test subjects)

· And nearly 10% of test subjects reported an improvement in mood and well-being

· Overall: 23% of test subjects experienced one or more positive changes unrelated to their primary health complaint before massage

While many consider a home massage chair a necessity for those who are sick and frail, they really could not be farther from the truth with this train of thought. Just about everyone can benefit from the regular use of a massage chair recliner in their home, not just those who are fighting a debilitating disease or coping with issues brought on by aging. From young strong athletes to average everyday people who work construction or sit at a desk can all benefit from the daily use from one of these therapeutic chairs.


For athletes in training whether on the amateur or professional level, or possibly even those weekend warriors; massage has healing properties that will keep them on top of their game. Science has shown that massage can increase recovery time from workouts for healthier stronger muscles. This will alleviate soreness from hard workouts while helping to reduce the possibility of injury in the future. Athletes who receive regular massage also benefit from increased flexibility which can keep them from even further injury while also helping them to perform at their best at all times.


People who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet and working for a living can improve their lives considerably by using a home massage chair. Most often these types feel many aches and pains throughout their body from prolonged standing or exertion required on the job. Massage can increase the circulation throughout the body which will increase the flow of nutrients to the muscles. This will supply them with what they need to repair while also flushing away toxins that build up which cause the discomfort in the first place. For those who must work for a living this can make getting up out of bed each and every day to head to the job so much easier than without massage relief to the body.

Office Employees

There is no doubt that more and more people are sitting at a desk for a living than ever before, and more often than not it is in front of a computer. While computers have done a lot for our lives and made us much more productive there is little doubt just how bad they are on the posture of those who sit at one on a daily basis. Poor posture can not only lead to an achy back but can lead to other problems as well including reduced respiration. A home massage chair can help those who sit at a desk all day keep their posture from slumping over to cause them problems. Daily massage can help keep the back in alignment while increasing muscle strength and ensuring that blood flow around the spine is as it should be.

While massage chairs are invaluable tools for those who are suffering from common problems associated with aging and alleviating symptoms from chronic illnesses they are useful for everyone as well. There are so many benefits to a daily fifteen minute massage session that everyone can find a reason to own one of these useful recliners in order to improve their lives and their health.

Work can be very stressful.  Whether in an office, factory or other environment, stress at work often leads to decreased productivity.  In turn, employees who are less productive are more prone to miss deadlines and finish work late, which leads to more stress.  On the other hand, a work environment that is healthy and happy promotes greater productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better employee attendance records.  Introducing a massage chair into the work environment is an easy, cost effective way to break the vicious cycle of work stress and decreased productivity.

A massage chair or recliner can offer relaxing, stress-reducing massage to managers and staff alike.  Massage chairs are programmable and can accommodate nearly any body size and type.

Bringing a Massage Chair to Work
Depending on the work environment, there are several options for how to pay for and use a massage chair at work.

  • Time in a massage chair can be offered for free on breaks
  • A cue can be devised in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the chair
  • Extra massage chair visits or time can be offered as a bonus for exceptional work
  • The initial purchase cost may be paid by the company or be shared by all workers or a group of workers
  • Some coin operated massage chairs are available as well – which can help pay for the chair and even earn a profit
  • Some companies has had employees help choose which massage chair to purchase
  • A vote can be held to decide upon a chair
  • Many companies decide to unveil the new chair at a special event or celebration
  • A competition can be held (for example: the employee with the highest productivity for one month, “wins”) to determine who can use the massage chair first

Benefits of Having a Massage Chair at Work
Bringing the relaxing, stress-reducing experience of a massage chair into any work environment has very real and some measurable effects, including:

  • Increased productivity and performance – depending on the work situation, productivity and performance are often measured in different ways, but can be expected to improve almost immediately after the massage chair has been introduced
  • Increased staff loyalty and retention – happy workers are less likely to leave and are more likely to remain dedicated to the company which treats them well and which cares about their health and well being
  • Energizes and motivates – massage helps re-energize the body and motivate employees to strive for a high level of performance
  • Reduces absenteeism and sick time – both of which are measurable benefits

And, of course, the relaxed, unstressed employee is happier, healthier, and a pleasure to be around.  For work environments which are physically stressful, such as those which require repetitive or strenuous work, a massage chair can re-energize tired muscles and alleviate pain.  Even lower back pain can often be diminished or relieved with the massage treatment of a massage chair or recliner.