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In the world of therapeutic massage there exists a variety of styles – everything from Lomi Lomi massage from Polynesia, to Lymphatic system massage, all customized to produce very particular results. One such therapeutic massage technique, deep tissue massage, has continued to improve in popularity, because of in part to being able to release an enormous amount of pressure.  That is obviously very helpful in a world where tension and stress so often reigns in every aspect of our lives.

Deep tissue massage is effective due to the technique – comprising slower, strong therapeutic massage movements that works heavy into muscles. This is often especially helpful for sports athletes who expose their own muscles to every day, intensive conditioning. Deep tissue massage may noticeably loosen muscle tissue, elevate pain, as well as increase mobility — all significant advantages for an athlete. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a sports athlete to enjoy the benefits of heavy tissue massage, and you don’t even have to go to an expensive spa.  Many of today’s massage chairs also offer deep tissue options.


If you have lots of aches and pains in your body and could use a deep tissue massage to alleviate your body from these issues a Human Touch massage chair may be the answer to your problems. In 15 minutes a day one of these chairs can change your life and make you will feel so much better. The HT 125 uses a special needing and percussion technique to give you a deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling wonderful. This technique is the preferred method for deep tissue massage according to the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.