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Therapeutic massage isn’t appropriate for some people.  Folks who have a rash, open wounds, or an infectious skin condition as well as people with heart disease should always check with their physician before getting into a massage chair.  Also, if you have recently had surgery or undergone radiation or chemotherapy, definitely consult your doctor before starting any massage therapy.  Although there are massage techniques specifically for pregnant women, it is best to talk to your doctor first and make sure that you find a massage therapist who has been specifically trained to do pregnancy massages.  Many pregnant women actually report a variety of health benefits from massage during pregnancy.

 Migraine headaches can be completely debilitating for people.  They often involve not just severe headaches but nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and even vomiting.  For adults, migraines sufferers are about 75% female, but both prepubescent boys and girls are affected equally.  Many folks stricken with migraine headaches report that medications barely touch the pain, forcing them to “just wait it out.”  Some migraines last for 4 hours but others can last as long as 72 hours.  That puts a serious stop to people’s lives.  Thankfully, massage therapy offers migraine suffers the hope of alleviating their pain.  And a massage chair can offer them that hope in the comfort of their own homes.

While many consider a home massage chair a necessity for those who are sick and frail, they really could not be farther from the truth with this train of thought. Just about everyone can benefit from the regular use of a massage chair recliner in their home, not just those who are fighting a debilitating disease or coping with issues brought on by aging. From young strong athletes to average everyday people who work construction or sit at a desk can all benefit from the daily use from one of these therapeutic chairs.


For athletes in training whether on the amateur or professional level, or possibly even those weekend warriors; massage has healing properties that will keep them on top of their game. Science has shown that massage can increase recovery time from workouts for healthier stronger muscles. This will alleviate soreness from hard workouts while helping to reduce the possibility of injury in the future. Athletes who receive regular massage also benefit from increased flexibility which can keep them from even further injury while also helping them to perform at their best at all times.


People who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet and working for a living can improve their lives considerably by using a home massage chair. Most often these types feel many aches and pains throughout their body from prolonged standing or exertion required on the job. Massage can increase the circulation throughout the body which will increase the flow of nutrients to the muscles. This will supply them with what they need to repair while also flushing away toxins that build up which cause the discomfort in the first place. For those who must work for a living this can make getting up out of bed each and every day to head to the job so much easier than without massage relief to the body.

Office Employees

There is no doubt that more and more people are sitting at a desk for a living than ever before, and more often than not it is in front of a computer. While computers have done a lot for our lives and made us much more productive there is little doubt just how bad they are on the posture of those who sit at one on a daily basis. Poor posture can not only lead to an achy back but can lead to other problems as well including reduced respiration. A home massage chair can help those who sit at a desk all day keep their posture from slumping over to cause them problems. Daily massage can help keep the back in alignment while increasing muscle strength and ensuring that blood flow around the spine is as it should be.

While massage chairs are invaluable tools for those who are suffering from common problems associated with aging and alleviating symptoms from chronic illnesses they are useful for everyone as well. There are so many benefits to a daily fifteen minute massage session that everyone can find a reason to own one of these useful recliners in order to improve their lives and their health.

Work can be very stressful.  Whether in an office, factory or other environment, stress at work often leads to decreased productivity.  In turn, employees who are less productive are more prone to miss deadlines and finish work late, which leads to more stress.  On the other hand, a work environment that is healthy and happy promotes greater productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better employee attendance records.  Introducing a massage chair into the work environment is an easy, cost effective way to break the vicious cycle of work stress and decreased productivity.

A massage chair or recliner can offer relaxing, stress-reducing massage to managers and staff alike.  Massage chairs are programmable and can accommodate nearly any body size and type.

Bringing a Massage Chair to Work
Depending on the work environment, there are several options for how to pay for and use a massage chair at work.

  • Time in a massage chair can be offered for free on breaks
  • A cue can be devised in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the chair
  • Extra massage chair visits or time can be offered as a bonus for exceptional work
  • The initial purchase cost may be paid by the company or be shared by all workers or a group of workers
  • Some coin operated massage chairs are available as well – which can help pay for the chair and even earn a profit
  • Some companies has had employees help choose which massage chair to purchase
  • A vote can be held to decide upon a chair
  • Many companies decide to unveil the new chair at a special event or celebration
  • A competition can be held (for example: the employee with the highest productivity for one month, “wins”) to determine who can use the massage chair first

Benefits of Having a Massage Chair at Work
Bringing the relaxing, stress-reducing experience of a massage chair into any work environment has very real and some measurable effects, including:

  • Increased productivity and performance – depending on the work situation, productivity and performance are often measured in different ways, but can be expected to improve almost immediately after the massage chair has been introduced
  • Increased staff loyalty and retention – happy workers are less likely to leave and are more likely to remain dedicated to the company which treats them well and which cares about their health and well being
  • Energizes and motivates – massage helps re-energize the body and motivate employees to strive for a high level of performance
  • Reduces absenteeism and sick time – both of which are measurable benefits

And, of course, the relaxed, unstressed employee is happier, healthier, and a pleasure to be around.  For work environments which are physically stressful, such as those which require repetitive or strenuous work, a massage chair can re-energize tired muscles and alleviate pain.  Even lower back pain can often be diminished or relieved with the massage treatment of a massage chair or recliner.

Many home massage chairs currently available offer calve massage since this is such a popular feature for those who are in the market for a complete body massage at home. Unlike the back area of the chair which most manufacturers have managed to make adjustable to fit most chair users the calve area has been a common complaint among many. For the most part calves vary a great deal from person to person even of the same height making it difficult to get a good fit that is tight enough to give a good massage but not so tight that it hurts the user.

Human Touch has added a width adjustment to the HT-7120 that makes up for this problem with various users. The adjustment is easily done with the push of a button so any user can get just the right size for their body in order to get the best results on their calf massage. The foot and calve massagers are also part of the stretching mechanism that this chair offers for complete bodywork. The stretch will increase the blood flow to the spine, which will provide much needed therapy to the vertebra and disks.

Even though it may sound like a fad diet the use of a home massage chair can actually help someone lose weight when it is combined with proper nutrition and exercise. Of course massage alone will not miraculously melt away pound after pound. But massage can make exercise much more beneficial to the body and when combined with a proper diet fat will slowly come off. If this is applied on a daily basis for the rest of their lives a slimmer, healthier person will be the result.

Of course skeptics wonder just how a massage chair can help with fat loss. It is a combination of improving circulation and keeping the body physically well. Massage improves circulation within the body, which in turn will make it more efficient at delivering nutrients to the muscles and flushing away toxins, including fat.

A massage chair can also increase flexibility as well as decrease recovery time making your workouts much easier on the body. This makes the next workout easier whether you are a serious tri-athlete or a casual walker trying to shed a couple of pounds. Though not a miracle way to lose weight by just sitting a massage chair can make your weight lose efforts more efficient and help you feel better overall in the process.

Everyone knows that a massage chair is an excellent tool for relieving the body of back pain as well as stress. But many do not consider all the other things that a massage chair can help with for users who have one in their home. For women another excellent use of their massage chair recliner is to reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome in their bodies. For many women the symptoms of PMS can really disrupt their lives but recent studies from the University of Miami shows that two massages a week of thirty minutes can reduce much of the effects of PMS.

The stimulation to the muscles from a massage helps reduce bloating and can reduce the pain that some women feel making it easier for them to cope with the symptoms. Massage can also greatly alleviate the stress that women are feeling from the hormones within their body. This will help them improve their mood and reduce the irritability that comes with PMS.

Of course seeing a massage therapist two times a week can get pretty expensive for most women. But by using a massage chair the costs are greatly reduced plus there are no appointments to make since it can all be done at home at convenient times.