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Very few things in the world are as relaxing as a good massage. Personally, I work in the office most of the week and lower back gets pretty stiff by the time Friday afternoon comes alone. Working on a keyboard much of the day, I also suffer from soreness in my arms, hands, and even right down to my fingertips.

I have spent years going to expensive spas and massage therapist and I’ve honestly enjoyed each and every minute. But the costs of massages in spas really adds up pretty quickly (I won’t scare you with the number I estimate I’ve spent on massage over the years but I almost fainted.

I am glad I finally invested in a massage chair last year (and my husband is glad too since it has not only saved us a lot of money, but he has been enjoying the chair as well).

Modern day massage chairs offer more technical motions. A massage chair will be able to roll, recline, and even knead your aching muscles. The kneading process of a massage recline is very similar to that of kneading bread dough. It uses that motion to rub and relax your body.

Most chairs offer a rolling movement too. The massage rollers are basically tiny wheels moving all the way up and all the way down your back. Many chairs have a minimum of 8 rollers; and some as many as eighteen. Even so, the performance of the chair eventually boils down to the product quality and movement of the rollers. The motion of the wheels will decide the kind and quality of massage a person gets.

Massage chairs are constructed with parts that may duplicate the hand motions of a actual masseuse. The real power of a massage chair is its motor. It can serve as the energy behind the nodes, massage rollers and adjustment functions. The motor should be running well to ensure that the chair is able to massage you. For purchasers, you need to have a very good quality motor which offers a great warranty. How long the chair lasts is dependent greatly on the motor.

Aside from the motor, you will find other essential pieces of the chair. The nodes and massage rollers would be the parts that emulate the hands. They vary in dimensions and supply a lot of relaxing effects of the massage. They are even able to target specific areas of your body.