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Cellulite Massage Techniques

Posted on: April 3, 2011

More than just relaxation, improved circulation and other health benefits, massage therapy may also have cosmetic benefits as well.  Recent studies have some that the power of massage can help reduce the appearance of cellulite for some people.  The basic technique is as follows:

  1. Apply a cellulite reduction cream or gel
  2. Starting at the lowest part of the area with cellulite, start massaging upwards, towards the heart
  3. Using your hands, knuckles, forearm, and the palm of your hand, apply long, continuous strokes to the area
  4. Next, use your hands to knead the area thoroughly, (as if you were kneading bread)
  5. Finally, finish the massage with a pinching technique, grasping the skin between your forefinger and thumb

More than just helpful for the reduction of cellulite, massage chairs also help provide a wide range of other health benefits.



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