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Massage Chairs – Is Lower Body Traction Safe?

Posted on: November 10, 2010

One of the more sophisticated functions available with a few massage chairs and recliners is the lower body traction function. This function was developed so that it actually enables the chair to be able to stretch out and extend the lower section of the body.  This helps improve the strength and elasticity of the muscle groups in the lower body. Once the lower body traction function is turned on, it will carefully hold the calves and feet in the proper location. Next the footrest will lower in order to stretch out the lower body. The footrest will then usually rise up again and then lower again during one cycle of the stretching program. This kind of stretching helps provide people with an excellent, soothing sensation in their lower body joints and muscles. A massage chair which features lower body traction is also a fantastic complement to regular stretching training or exercises.

1 Response to "Massage Chairs – Is Lower Body Traction Safe?"

Thanks for the great information. I how much one’s height is a factor to consider when buying a chair with traction features. I’ll be sure to do a little more research on this topic in the future.

Thanks again.

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