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Promote Workplace Productivity with a Massage Chair

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Work can be very stressful.  Whether in an office, factory or other environment, stress at work often leads to decreased productivity.  In turn, employees who are less productive are more prone to miss deadlines and finish work late, which leads to more stress.  On the other hand, a work environment that is healthy and happy promotes greater productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better employee attendance records.  Introducing a massage chair into the work environment is an easy, cost effective way to break the vicious cycle of work stress and decreased productivity.

A massage chair or recliner can offer relaxing, stress-reducing massage to managers and staff alike.  Massage chairs are programmable and can accommodate nearly any body size and type.

Bringing a Massage Chair to Work
Depending on the work environment, there are several options for how to pay for and use a massage chair at work.

  • Time in a massage chair can be offered for free on breaks
  • A cue can be devised in order to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the chair
  • Extra massage chair visits or time can be offered as a bonus for exceptional work
  • The initial purchase cost may be paid by the company or be shared by all workers or a group of workers
  • Some coin operated massage chairs are available as well – which can help pay for the chair and even earn a profit
  • Some companies has had employees help choose which massage chair to purchase
  • A vote can be held to decide upon a chair
  • Many companies decide to unveil the new chair at a special event or celebration
  • A competition can be held (for example: the employee with the highest productivity for one month, “wins”) to determine who can use the massage chair first

Benefits of Having a Massage Chair at Work
Bringing the relaxing, stress-reducing experience of a massage chair into any work environment has very real and some measurable effects, including:

  • Increased productivity and performance – depending on the work situation, productivity and performance are often measured in different ways, but can be expected to improve almost immediately after the massage chair has been introduced
  • Increased staff loyalty and retention – happy workers are less likely to leave and are more likely to remain dedicated to the company which treats them well and which cares about their health and well being
  • Energizes and motivates – massage helps re-energize the body and motivate employees to strive for a high level of performance
  • Reduces absenteeism and sick time – both of which are measurable benefits

And, of course, the relaxed, unstressed employee is happier, healthier, and a pleasure to be around.  For work environments which are physically stressful, such as those which require repetitive or strenuous work, a massage chair can re-energize tired muscles and alleviate pain.  Even lower back pain can often be diminished or relieved with the massage treatment of a massage chair or recliner.

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