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Different Types of Massage Available with a Massage Chair

Posted on: January 3, 2010

When the first massage chairs were introduced more than 10 years ago, most of them did little more than vibrate your lower back and buttocks.  Modern chairs have come a long way!  Today’s chairs and recliners come with a variety massage technique options, including but not limited to the following:

Swedish Massage
Physical and emotional stress can be treated effectively with Swedish massage.  Massage chairs perform a combination of long flowing strokes and kneading motions in their appropriate of Swedish massage.  Swedish massage can be relaxing or revitalizing, depending on your state of mind and expected result.  Swedish massage increases blood circulation and promotes healthy blood oxygen levels.

Deep Tissue Massage
Massage chairs, which off deep tissue massage options often, utilize deeper pressure than Swedish massage, with long, slow strokes.  Deep tissue massage helps release muscle tension and relieve stiffness and tightness.  In general, the deep tissue massage available with a massage recliner should not be painful.  If you experience pain from any of your massage chair’s functions, you should consult your specific model’s user guide to ensure you are using the chair properly.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese style of massage and it often available in massage chairs.  By applying pressure to specific points of the body, Shiatsu massage helps open the body’s meridians (energy pathways) to allow the healthy flow of chi (energy) throughout the body. Shiatsu is a holistic massage approach and has become very popular in recent years.  Shiatsu can be refreshing and energizing and can improve overall body and mind health.

As part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), acupressure mimics acupuncture, but does not use needles.  Acupressure massage also focuses on specific points on the body to release to flow of chi (energy) through the meridians (energy channels).  Acupressure massage is often used to alleviate a variety of symptoms including allergies, emotional problems, migraine and other headache, digestive and bowel issues (such as irritable bowel syndrome), depression, stress, anxiety, and musculoskeletal disorders.  Acupressure can also help stimulate the immune system and promote the flow of lymph through the body – which helps to detoxify the body and ride the body of cell waste.  Acupressure can also cause the release of the body’s natural pain killers, endorphins.  Endorphins can cause a pleasant, relaxing feeling during and for several hours after massage.

Many massage chairs and recliners are fully programmable – allowing the user to chose the type and duration of their massage experience.  Many chairs even often people the ability to have the massage treatment focus on one or several specific body parts.  If, for example, your legs are tired and sore after a long day of walking, you can program your chair to focus its attention on your legs with a Shiatsu or Acupressure massage.  On the other hand, if you’ve done heavy lifting or experience chronic lower back pain, you can program your massage chair for a lower back Swedish massage treatment.


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