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Acupressure Properties of Massage Chair Recliners

Posted on: December 1, 2009

Stress runs rampant in our modern world.  It bogs us down at work and follows us home with its cloud of gloom to disrupt our time with our families.  Stress can cause a variety of health problems including anxiety, depression, insomnia, and increased toxin levels in the body.  Stress can also suppress our immune systems – leaving us more susceptible to illness and disease.  But you can take back control of your life and your body by getting rid of stress – for good!  And the acupressure properties of massage chair recliners can help!

Combining the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine’s acupuncture treatments with the relaxing pressure of massage, acupressure can help you get the relaxation you need to rid your mind and body of stress.  Acupressure massage stimulates specific points (acupoints) in your body’s meridian system, (the energy channels of your body), which helps rebalance your body’s chi, (or “qi” which is the flow of energy through your body).  The pressure administered to your body’s acupoints with the acupressure properties of massage chair recliners helps to remove blockages in your body’s meridians, strengthening the flow of chi.  Acupressure massage helps you relax and will greatly reduce mental and physical stress.  Acupressure massage can provide immediate relief from any muscle aches and pains you may have by loosening your tense muscles.  The acupressure properties of massage chair recliners can also relieve migraines or other headache and any knots in your neck and shoulders that have been caused by tension and strain.

The Recliner Acupressure Massage
Your massage chair recliner allows you to customize your massage experience based on your individual needs and preferences.  But, in general, a massage will last about 20 minutes.  And you can keep your clothes on!  The recliner helps make sure you are in a comfortable position for your massage.  If you would like special attention paid to any specific body part(s), you can change the settings on your massage chair recliner to suit your needs.

Benefits of Acupressure Massage

  • Lowers stress, anxiety and depression
  • Relaxation of your body and mind
  • Unblocked meridians, allowing the healthy flow of chi
  • Relief from muscle aches and pains throughout your body
  • Relief from headaches or migraines
  • Improved circulation
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased alertness and concentration after your massage has been completed, making you better prepared to face the world again

The acupressure properties of massage chair recliners can help you banish stress from your life, making you better prepared for the challenges and pleasures of life.  By unblocking your body’s energy channels to allow your chi to rebalance, you’ll likely experience a significant increase energy – energy you can utilize for whatever suits your temperament.  The state of less stress and more energy you experience can improve your quality time with your family and help you get that promotion you’ve been hoping for at work.  The secrets of traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure are waiting to help you.  Will you let them?


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