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The Use Of Swedish Massage In A Home Massage Chair

Posted on: September 21, 2009

Many massage chairs on the market utilize several massage techniques to give the user plenty of options in ensuring they get just the right massage for their needs. Of course most users just experiment with the options on their particular chair to find the ones that feel the best and then just use those. Most of the time they do not even pay attention to which massage style is being used and just what it involves, they only know that it feels good. One popular style offered on some massage chairs is the Swedish massage. A Swedish massage utilizes effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement strokes as well as friction and vibration in order to bring health benefits to the body. Johann Mezger who first brought Swedish massage to the medical community first used many of these terms. Years of scientific research has shown that massage such as the Swedish whether given by hand or a massage chair has many benefits to the human body. Not only does a Swedish massage relax the body and the mind for excellent mental health. It also improves circulation and tones muscles for a better physical health. These are all things that can be helpful to the bodies of the elderly as well as even the youngest users.

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