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Human Touch Massage Chairs Offers Adjustable Calf Massage

Posted on: September 14, 2009

Many home massage chairs currently available offer calve massage since this is such a popular feature for those who are in the market for a complete body massage at home. Unlike the back area of the chair which most manufacturers have managed to make adjustable to fit most chair users the calve area has been a common complaint among many. For the most part calves vary a great deal from person to person even of the same height making it difficult to get a good fit that is tight enough to give a good massage but not so tight that it hurts the user.

Human Touch has added a width adjustment to the HT-7120 that makes up for this problem with various users. The adjustment is easily done with the push of a button so any user can get just the right size for their body in order to get the best results on their calf massage. The foot and calve massagers are also part of the stretching mechanism that this chair offers for complete bodywork. The stretch will increase the blood flow to the spine, which will provide much needed therapy to the vertebra and disks.

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