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Features On The Inada I1A Massage Chair

Posted on: September 6, 2009

One of the best ways to get a massage chair that feels just like the touch and technique of a real massage therapist is to get one designed by a professional. The Inada I1A is one of the top selling shiatsu massage chairs in Japan, and now the company is hoping it will do as well here in the United States. The I1A was designed by Inada in conjunction with massage therapy professionals to be a true tool for relieving your body of stress and chronic pain.

The Inada I1A is one of the best chairs on the market for adjusting to fit various body sizes and shapes. This is an excellent feature if you are especially tall or slightly shorter in stature. Plus for each body this chair is capable of doing a complete scan to detect the key pressure points for the perfect massage. There are over 350 of these pressure points in your body and skilled massage therapists as well as shiatsu professionals are capable of manipulating these points for absolute stress relief. The detection system on the Inada I1A is just as capable as these professional at finding these points and applying one of the many pre-programmed massage sessions for all your pain and stress relief.


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