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Many massage chairs on the market utilize several massage techniques to give the user plenty of options in ensuring they get just the right massage for their needs. Of course most users just experiment with the options on their particular chair to find the ones that feel the best and then just use those. Most of the time they do not even pay attention to which massage style is being used and just what it involves, they only know that it feels good. One popular style offered on some massage chairs is the Swedish massage. A Swedish massage utilizes effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement strokes as well as friction and vibration in order to bring health benefits to the body. Johann Mezger who first brought Swedish massage to the medical community first used many of these terms. Years of scientific research has shown that massage such as the Swedish whether given by hand or a massage chair has many benefits to the human body. Not only does a Swedish massage relax the body and the mind for excellent mental health. It also improves circulation and tones muscles for a better physical health. These are all things that can be helpful to the bodies of the elderly as well as even the youngest users.

For those who work at a computer all day the chances are they feel that in their body for the rest of the day and on weekends. Unless they have perfect posture more than likely they tend to slouch in their chairs and hunch over their keyboards while they work. This tends to create pain the back and arms of the computer user and when you combine in the eyestrain from the monitor this can really start to take its toll over time. Of course many of these users cannot quit their jobs so an excellent solution for them is home massage chair. The Human Touch HT-1650 is a perfect model for those seeking relief for their body after hours on a computer. This particular model receives rave reviews for its back massage especially in the area between the shoulder blades. Plus the foot massage can use reflexology techniques in order to get rid of headaches that result from that eyestrain. The overall feeling of well being that can come from a massage chair that can relieve the body of stress is a benefit that everyone can use. Plus massage chairs are also proven to help improve posture which can truly help the body of someone who works at a computer all day.

Many home massage chairs currently available offer calve massage since this is such a popular feature for those who are in the market for a complete body massage at home. Unlike the back area of the chair which most manufacturers have managed to make adjustable to fit most chair users the calve area has been a common complaint among many. For the most part calves vary a great deal from person to person even of the same height making it difficult to get a good fit that is tight enough to give a good massage but not so tight that it hurts the user.

Human Touch has added a width adjustment to the HT-7120 that makes up for this problem with various users. The adjustment is easily done with the push of a button so any user can get just the right size for their body in order to get the best results on their calf massage. The foot and calve massagers are also part of the stretching mechanism that this chair offers for complete bodywork. The stretch will increase the blood flow to the spine, which will provide much needed therapy to the vertebra and disks.

It seems lots of products on the shelves and commercials on the television all boast of their anti-oxidants now and how they can help your immune system. Science is discovering more and more about our immune system, how it keeps us healthy, and what helps that system work its best for that health.

Of course stress makes it hard for our bodies to be its healthiest and excess stress and anxiety can make it almost impossible for the immune system to keep us healthy. Our bodies must be relaxed in order to work optimally. Massage chairs are one of the original anti-oxidants for the body since they are designed to bring relaxation and boost the immune system. The daily use of a massage chair will lower stress levels so that the body can work efficiently. This will allow the immune system to flush our bodies of toxins and help fight off infections and other diseases.

Massage chairs are ideal for bringing the body into balance and creating relaxation. This will promote the ability is has within its own immune system to keep it healthy and resist illness and injury.

One of the best ways to get a massage chair that feels just like the touch and technique of a real massage therapist is to get one designed by a professional. The Inada I1A is one of the top selling shiatsu massage chairs in Japan, and now the company is hoping it will do as well here in the United States. The I1A was designed by Inada in conjunction with massage therapy professionals to be a true tool for relieving your body of stress and chronic pain.

The Inada I1A is one of the best chairs on the market for adjusting to fit various body sizes and shapes. This is an excellent feature if you are especially tall or slightly shorter in stature. Plus for each body this chair is capable of doing a complete scan to detect the key pressure points for the perfect massage. There are over 350 of these pressure points in your body and skilled massage therapists as well as shiatsu professionals are capable of manipulating these points for absolute stress relief. The detection system on the Inada I1A is just as capable as these professional at finding these points and applying one of the many pre-programmed massage sessions for all your pain and stress relief.

Millions of Americans know the benefit of seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis to help their bodies and feel and perform at their very best. Whether using massage for handling stress, chronic pain, or just because it feels good there are many scientific studies that have shown just how good for the body this can be.

Of course those that see a therapist on a regular basis also knows just how expensive it can be and sometimes just how difficult it is to get to your appointments on time. For those who want all the benefits of massage but at less cost and hassle there is a alternative that is just as good as seeing a masseuse or therapist.

Home massage chairs have come a very long way and are now so advanced they act and feel just like a real person. Many of the top manufacturers of these massage recliners work with massage professionals and chiropractors to recreate the movements and techniques they use on their clients.

The rollers in massage recliners are amazingly like human hands and many of these chairs can now give a massage from the neck to the feet including the arms. This gives them the ability to relieve pain in muscles all over the body whether the pain is from overuse or even a chronic issue such as arthritis.

The cost of having a massage chair in your home may seem expensive but if it is calculated on just how much someone spends at a massage therapist in a year it really becomes economical. Plus since the user and their spouse can both share the chair and even use it daily as opposed to once or twice a week a home massage chair really becomes much more affordable. By the time many consider their time spent going to and from appointments they realize just how valuable a massage chair recliner in their home truly is.

Even though it may sound like a fad diet the use of a home massage chair can actually help someone lose weight when it is combined with proper nutrition and exercise. Of course massage alone will not miraculously melt away pound after pound. But massage can make exercise much more beneficial to the body and when combined with a proper diet fat will slowly come off. If this is applied on a daily basis for the rest of their lives a slimmer, healthier person will be the result.

Of course skeptics wonder just how a massage chair can help with fat loss. It is a combination of improving circulation and keeping the body physically well. Massage improves circulation within the body, which in turn will make it more efficient at delivering nutrients to the muscles and flushing away toxins, including fat.

A massage chair can also increase flexibility as well as decrease recovery time making your workouts much easier on the body. This makes the next workout easier whether you are a serious tri-athlete or a casual walker trying to shed a couple of pounds. Though not a miracle way to lose weight by just sitting a massage chair can make your weight lose efforts more efficient and help you feel better overall in the process.