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Using A Massage Chair To Alleviate PMS

Posted on: August 22, 2009

Everyone knows that a massage chair is an excellent tool for relieving the body of back pain as well as stress. But many do not consider all the other things that a massage chair can help with for users who have one in their home. For women another excellent use of their massage chair recliner is to reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome in their bodies. For many women the symptoms of PMS can really disrupt their lives but recent studies from the University of Miami shows that two massages a week of thirty minutes can reduce much of the effects of PMS.

The stimulation to the muscles from a massage helps reduce bloating and can reduce the pain that some women feel making it easier for them to cope with the symptoms. Massage can also greatly alleviate the stress that women are feeling from the hormones within their body. This will help them improve their mood and reduce the irritability that comes with PMS.

Of course seeing a massage therapist two times a week can get pretty expensive for most women. But by using a massage chair the costs are greatly reduced plus there are no appointments to make since it can all be done at home at convenient times.

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