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Zero Gravity Massage Chairs For Spinal Relief

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Many massage chairs are capable of so much more than just a simple back massage to reduce pain and stress. Chairs have built in features that do more than just massage, and one very popular feature is inversion. Inversion therapy has been in use for well over two thousand years, as the effects of gravity on the body have been well known for a long time.

While inversion tables have been the most often used tool for inversion therapy now many massage chairs can recline back far enough that the effects of gravity are no longer on your spine. For some this is an uneasy feeling that they are going to be dumped out of the back of the chair, but once you get used to it, it is actually quite comfortable. The feeling for the spine is amazing since it stretches it out to the full length that it is supposed to be while taking pressure off the discs.

During the course of the day gravity takes its toll on everyone whether they are standing up or sitting down. The only way to reverse the effect it has is to use inversion therapy to remove those effects from the spine. Many newer massage chairs not only are capable of reclining back not only far enough to take the pressure off but to also get a zero gravity effect. A zero gravity massage chair is scientifically designed to place the body in the exact same position as the astronauts as they launch into outer space.

Of course not all massage chairs are capable of giving inversion therapy so if this is something that is important to someone shopping for a home massage chair this feature should be ensured that it is included.

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