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Everyone knows that a massage chair is an excellent tool for relieving the body of back pain as well as stress. But many do not consider all the other things that a massage chair can help with for users who have one in their home. For women another excellent use of their massage chair recliner is to reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome in their bodies. For many women the symptoms of PMS can really disrupt their lives but recent studies from the University of Miami shows that two massages a week of thirty minutes can reduce much of the effects of PMS.

The stimulation to the muscles from a massage helps reduce bloating and can reduce the pain that some women feel making it easier for them to cope with the symptoms. Massage can also greatly alleviate the stress that women are feeling from the hormones within their body. This will help them improve their mood and reduce the irritability that comes with PMS.

Of course seeing a massage therapist two times a week can get pretty expensive for most women. But by using a massage chair the costs are greatly reduced plus there are no appointments to make since it can all be done at home at convenient times.

For those with chronic back pain there is just nothing that will help them as much as massage to relief the pain they feel on a daily basis. The most affordable way to get a daily massage is to use a home massage chair to get that relief. Of course while massage alone is good for a bad back massage combined with heat is even better. Not all massage chairs include heat therapy within their chairs so it is important for those who want to have heat on their back to include this feature in their purchase.

Heat can do an amazing job of diluting the blood vessels in the muscles in the back. This will allow the blood to flow even more and augment the effects of the massage to speed relief to the lower back from pain. The massage and heat can do wonders to loosen tense muscles whether it is caused by injury or just the daily grind that we all go through. While an option on some chairs if heat is important to you for your lower back it is essential that it is included in the model you choose.

Many massage chairs are capable of so much more than just a simple back massage to reduce pain and stress. Chairs have built in features that do more than just massage, and one very popular feature is inversion. Inversion therapy has been in use for well over two thousand years, as the effects of gravity on the body have been well known for a long time.

While inversion tables have been the most often used tool for inversion therapy now many massage chairs can recline back far enough that the effects of gravity are no longer on your spine. For some this is an uneasy feeling that they are going to be dumped out of the back of the chair, but once you get used to it, it is actually quite comfortable. The feeling for the spine is amazing since it stretches it out to the full length that it is supposed to be while taking pressure off the discs.

During the course of the day gravity takes its toll on everyone whether they are standing up or sitting down. The only way to reverse the effect it has is to use inversion therapy to remove those effects from the spine. Many newer massage chairs not only are capable of reclining back not only far enough to take the pressure off but to also get a zero gravity effect. A zero gravity massage chair is scientifically designed to place the body in the exact same position as the astronauts as they launch into outer space.

Of course not all massage chairs are capable of giving inversion therapy so if this is something that is important to someone shopping for a home massage chair this feature should be ensured that it is included.

Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective treatments available for chronic pain as well as other physical ailments that affect the muscles and joints in the body. Deep tissue massage uses techniques such as kneading, rolling and tapping to work the muscles deep within the body. Though many feel that a deep tissue massage feels a little uncomfortable at the time they all agree that afterwards there body feels great.

Shiatsu and Swedish massage are the two most noted styles of deep tissue massage and many of the top massage chair companies use one or both of these in the programming included in their therapeutic chairs. For those with not only chronic pain from poor posture or injury but also those who suffer from such things as carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia can find relief as well.

Unlike seeing a massage professional having a massage chair in your home that can deliver a deep tissue massage this is a very affordable treatment for these sufferers. Not only are these therapeutic massage chairs affordable pain relief solutions but also a convenient way to treat pain when you need it the most.

Athletes everywhere are well aware of the benefits of massage to both their recovery after a workout but also to preventing injury during competition. But many of these athletes only receive a massage about once a week or after very tough workouts. This is mostly due to the fact that seeing a massage therapist or masseuse is just too expensive. But with a home massage chair every athlete can afford to receive a massage each and every day. Of course once an athlete no matter if they are recreational or professional oriented can benefit from a massage not only after physical exertion but also before to prepare their bodies for the activity.

Using a massage chair to prepare your muscles for exercise can not only help you perform better but also will also reduce the risk of injury and speed the recovery time needed for the workout. Massage can increase the blood flow to the muscles to increase flexibility and range of motion that will help a body perform at its maximum efficiency. Massage chairs are very affordable and easy to use with benefits that include those that are not only physical but also mental as well.

We hear about how massage chairs offer so many benefits with almost no side effects but there are those who should not use these therapeutic home recliners without consultation. Those who suffer from osteoporosis may be putting their fragile bones at risk if they use a home massage chair without first talking about this with their doctor. Massage chairs are designed to knead and work the muscles much like a massage therapist. This is not a gentle massage though it does still feel good. But for those with weak and brittle bones that come with osteoporosis the vigorous massage from a home recliner may actually cause them harm.

Trying to find the best massage chair for your personal needs is similar to purchasing a car. There is a lot of information you can get off the internet to make an informed purchase but to truly find the right model you should really take a few for a test drive. Massage chair manufacturers vary significantly and even within a company their can be variance in the models available. Things like overall comfort of the chair for just sitting as well as strength of the massage given are two things that online reviews cannot help you decide what is best.

Someone in the market for a therapeutic massage chair should take the time to try out several to find the one that suits them best. Of course just because you tried to chair at one retailer does not have to mean that you buy with them. The internet has made finding a reputable dealer who offers the best deal around a whole lot easier. Now consumers are not stuck paying a high price because there is only one local dealer. Once you know which massage chair brand and model is your favorite, shop around and get the best deal for your money.

Many online massage chair companies offer not only affordable or even free delivery; many also offer setup services so that you do not have to lift a finger. With these companies from the moment you click to confirm your order until you sit down for your first massage you do absolutely nothing. Your massage chair will not only be delivered to your door but also set up exactly where you want it located in your home. There has never been a better time to buy a massage chair for your home. And more and more people are discovering just how effective massage chairs are to pain and stress relief.