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Using A Home Massage Chair To Treat Depression

Posted on: July 18, 2009

It seems that more and more people are suffering from depression today than ever before. Of course science has not figured out just why there is such a spike in cases, but there are many theories from specialists. Some feel that more doctors see it as more than the blues and try to help their patients with it while others feel the diagnoses are spurned by the drug manufacturers who want their to be more prescriptions. Either way more people are feeling the effects of depression daily. From those who have severe cases that not only affect their mood but their physical health as well to those who just suffer a little sadness once in awhile.

No matter the severity of the depression treatment should also be sought out from a trained physician. But many doctors are recommending massage to their patients as a supplement to their treatment. Research is finding that the soothing and feeling of well being that is created by the body during and after a massage can actually aid in the treatment of depression. The dopamines released by the body when it is in a relaxed state can greatly improve the overall mood.

Massage can be acquired in any number of ways either through a massage therapist, masseuse, or even a home massage chair. Patients will find the first two options are much more costly as well as time consuming, while having a massage chair in your home will in the long run be much more affordable and more convenient to fitting into a busy schedule. When combined with the treatment from a physician many patients find that they can lead a totally normal life free of the mental as well as physical symptoms of depression. And the massage chair also helps with those normal everyday aches and pains that come from daily life making it a win, win situation.

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