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Massage As A Complementary Treatment For Depression

Posted on: June 3, 2009

Depression seems to be coming more and more prevalent in our society and many wander why this is. Some blame the fact that more doctors are willing to prescribe anti-depressants than ever before. While others feel that we are just beginning to understand this issue and are finally prescribing it correctly. Whichever it may be depression is on the rise and more and more are finding themselves being diagnosed with this condition for various reasons.

Whatever the root cause of the depression from job lose, to the lose of a loved one or even a genetic issue depression can be greatly alleviated via massage. Studies have shown that either with regular visits to a massage therapist or even daily use of a massage chair in the home, symptoms of depression can be managed easier. Of course massage alone will not cure depression and it should not be done as the only form of therapy. But when massage is combined with treatment from a physician or a psychiatrist progress can be made for the patient to live a happier life.

Depression can not only make a person feel terrible emotionally but physically as well. By using a home massage chair sufferers can reduce the physical pain they are feeling while they also receive a boost to their metal outlook. Touch is one of the most basic things that can help soothe the mind and studies have shown that it can cause the release of feel good chemicals in the body. When you combine the therapeutic feel of the rollers for the release of these chemicals with what research has shown massage can do for sore muscles and you have an excellent complementary treatment for depression.

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