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For quite some time women have enjoyed heading off to the spa together to enjoy a day of relaxation and beauty together. While the guys may not care so much about the beauty part of a spa trip they can appreciate a quality massage. In more urban areas salons are catching on to this and creating areas if not whole salons aimed just at guys. These facilities feature things just for pampering the hard working guy and helping him relax and feel his best. Many of these are using massage chairs as the basis of their whole business since nothing feels better to a guy than a relaxing time in a massage chair that delivers real pain and stress relief.

The decision to purchase a home massage recliner may not be tough for many to make but deciding on where to put it in the home may be another story. Some massage recliners are designed to be minimal and sit in smaller spaces. While other chairs just by their reclining nature end up taking up lots of floor space making them a chair you just cannot put anywhere.

When deciding where to put a home massage recliner it is important to remember that they have plenty of space in order to operate correctly. If the chair is a recliner or a zero gravity model it will need plenty of space behind it in order to fully move into the correct position for a proper massage.

The other consideration on where to place your new massage chair is simply aesthetics. Some models and their leather or other finish will fit into certain d├ęcor better than others. For some users this is important that the chair blends into their home while others are not as concerned as long as the unit gives the massage they are looking for. If the look is important to you try and consider where you will place the massage chair in your home and get a model that will fit in nicely, many come in various colors to help you get a great look.

If you are shopping for a home massage chair for a couple it is even more important to find a model that has the features that both are looking for. If a chair does not feel good to both people who will be using it then it will not serve the purpose that it is being purchased for.

Finding a massage chair that will fit a couple equally can sometimes be a little tough. If the size of their body varies greatly getting a chair that is comfortable for both can be one of the first things to look for. Some massage chairs on the market are capable of adjusting to various heights so that someone who is very tall can use it one minute while someone who is smaller can use it the next. It is important that the chair feels right so that the massage rollers end up working on the parts of the body that need the most attention.

Buyers also need to make sure that the features both want are available on the massage chair. While some chairs excel at getting the lower back they may not include an ottoman with a foot and calf massager. This may work fine for one individual but another may really want the lower body work as well as the back massage. Take the time to compare these therapeutic chairs carefully to ensure that all the body parts both people want to have massaged will be taken care of with the chair you end up purchasing.

There are many massage chair recliners available on the market from lots of companies with various features. There is bound to be a perfect chair available for a couple even if they do have different needs in which they can agree on and share in the home.

At one point and time in history the United States was the leader in just about every innovation and design making the products everyone wanted from cars to television sets. But times have changed for sure and most items are now made in foreign markets, and most of those in the Asian areas.

Massage chairs have been wildly popular in Japan for decades and of course most of the leaders in this industry just like so many other products are Asian companies. Panasonic has been making massage chairs for well over 30 years and have been not only a leader in these therapeutic devices but also one of the innovators driving the industry to make it better.

In many industries when a company finds themselves on top in sales for quite some time they tend to not make changes to their products out of fear of messing up what is working. But at Panasonic they have not been afraid to add and remove features to their chairs in order to continually provide the best therapeutic massage recliner available to those looking for pain and stress relief.

Panasonic has spent years studying the movements of real massage therapists as well as chiropractors to bring the most realistic therapeutic massage available from a chair. Each chair is packed with several different massage techniques and pre-programmed massages so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the massage and there is no hassles with hard to understand consoles.

Of course what many people like the most about Panasonic massage chairs is what they cannot see about them. These massage chair recliners are made using the best parts so you can count on your chair working well beyond its already generous warranty period. With so many other massage chairs plastic parts are used and they wear out quickly or even break making them useless so much sooner.

The Human Touch HT-1650 is one of the most elaborate massage chairs on the market. Many excellent reviews have been written about this chair and all that is has to offer those who use it on a daily basis. Of course for many who are in the market for a massage chair recliner the price tag is also a little too steep for their budget making it hard for them to own a 1650. But Human Touch thought of this and released the HT-5005, which is a massage chair that is very similar in design and has some of the same features. The only difference is the 5005 lacks a lot of the frills that make the 1650 a high-end chair.

The 5005 still offers that same hidden ottoman feature that provides a excellent leg and foot massage to the user. This is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or have some type of leg problem such as restless leg syndrome that can benefit from a good massage.

While the 5005 can deliver an excellent massage to the legs it can also deliver a wonderful massage to the entire back. With several pre-programmed massage sessions you can use one for just your upper back to get those tight muscles along the spine. Then use another 15 minute session to target the lower back which is a area so many people suffer chronic pain in.

The Human Touch 5005 is an excellent chair for the money, one of the best buys on the market. Plus unlike other massage chairs it actually looks good enough you can use it in your living room. The good looks combined with effective massage action at a great price makes this chair an excellent model for just about anyone.

There is nothing harder than watching someone your truly care about suffering from a terminal illness. Despite any of your efforts you know that they are in pain and even in some cases depressed. But research is showing that massage can greatly help those who are coping with a terminal illness. Though a massage chair will not cure the condition it can alleviate the pain that may come with it as well as ease the troubled mind. The massage from a home massage chair is not only therapeutic to those who are suffering physically but they can also make coping with the illness much easier.

Depression seems to be coming more and more prevalent in our society and many wander why this is. Some blame the fact that more doctors are willing to prescribe anti-depressants than ever before. While others feel that we are just beginning to understand this issue and are finally prescribing it correctly. Whichever it may be depression is on the rise and more and more are finding themselves being diagnosed with this condition for various reasons.

Whatever the root cause of the depression from job lose, to the lose of a loved one or even a genetic issue depression can be greatly alleviated via massage. Studies have shown that either with regular visits to a massage therapist or even daily use of a massage chair in the home, symptoms of depression can be managed easier. Of course massage alone will not cure depression and it should not be done as the only form of therapy. But when massage is combined with treatment from a physician or a psychiatrist progress can be made for the patient to live a happier life.

Depression can not only make a person feel terrible emotionally but physically as well. By using a home massage chair sufferers can reduce the physical pain they are feeling while they also receive a boost to their metal outlook. Touch is one of the most basic things that can help soothe the mind and studies have shown that it can cause the release of feel good chemicals in the body. When you combine the therapeutic feel of the rollers for the release of these chemicals with what research has shown massage can do for sore muscles and you have an excellent complementary treatment for depression.