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How A Massage Chair Can Benefit The Body Using The Shiatsu Method

Posted on: May 25, 2009

Many massage chairs on the market use the Shiatsu method of massage for relieving the body of stress and pain. This sounds impressive but many shoppers do not know what Shiatsu is or even bother to find out how it can benefit them and help them feel vibrant and energetic. To these massage chair users they just know it works and are just happy to have the results. Of course others who are considering a massage chair purchase may want to know exactly what Shiatsu is and how it can help them in their search for better health and life.

Though originally a Chinese therapy the Japanese have taken Shiatsu and made it truly their own form of healing. Shiatsu is sometimes compared to acupressure and both are similar to acupuncture but no needles are used in either process. We will discuss the difference between Shiatsu and acupressure later. First they are similar in that they both look for and find blockages in the flow in the life force of the body.

With Shiatsu as well as acupressure the belief that the body has a life force and that when there is a blockage to that force than the body needs repaired. This is done in Shiatsu by stretching and manipulating the soft tissue and muscles where the blockage is occurring and just around. Extending beyond the acupoints is what makes Shiatsu different from acupressure, which only uses the points in the body.

Shiatsu uses a pressure combined with a rhythmic pattern to remove the blockage. This is believed to restore the balance within the body in order to regain complete health and wellness. In a massage chair the mechanics behind the rhythmic movement is amazingly human feeling making chairs which utilize this technique extremely relaxing and therapeutic to use.


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