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Using A Massage Chair For Spinal Decompression

Posted on: May 18, 2009

For many Americans back pain is a part of their everyday lives that no matter how hard they try they just cannot seem to get away from it. Most sufferers have tried just about everything possible to alleviate the pain from prescriptions to inversion therapy to even surgery, most often to no avail. But more and more research is showing just how effective a massage chair can be. Newer chairs like the Sanyo Zero Gravity massage chair also have added benefits that make them even more valuable to those who suffer from chronic back pain.

As spinal decompression is becoming more popular with those with back pain it is being discovered that zero gravity massage chairs such as the one from Sanyo can actually mimic the same treatment given by doctors. These chairs can recline back in order to stretch the back and apply the rollers to the spine. For those who suffer daily and can truly benefit from this type of treatment but cannot always get to the chiropractor this is extremely good news. The massage chair is simply using gravity as the pulling force for the back. While the rollers deflate the cervical disc allowing the soft tissue to be stretched just as mechanical traction can do on the back.

But the massage chair can also do so much more than just that making it a ideal tool to have in the home for those who have chronic pain in not only their backs but anywhere in their bodies. These chairs can thoroughly massage away pain and leave your body feeling young and refreshed again. With the accupoint detection system the chair can easily find the spots in your body that need the most attention. While the rollers are capable of feeling just like human hands and can perform several different massage techniques in order to make you feel great.


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