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Taking Care of Lower Back Pain With The Human Touch 7120

Posted on: May 13, 2009

It seems like the more effective home massage chairs are usually awkward looking and not something you would want to visibly display in your home. But the Human Touch HT-7120 has a very comfortable office appearance to it. The features on this chair are plentiful but they are carefully concealed so this chair does not have to be hidden in a back room of your home.

The reclining feature of the HT-7120 is capable of actually giving a full body stretch. Though it may sound like some crazy torture device it is far from it. The foot and calf massagers gently hold your legs while the massage chair reclines back. This provides a mild stretch which feels amazingly good. Plus the stretch will increase the flow of blood within the spine and make your lower back feel great.

One complaint many massage chair users have about some of the available models on the market is the intensity of the massage. Some users prefer a softer touch while others want a more intense massage. Of course not all massage chairs have the ability to adjust the intensity so users had to cope with whatever the chair they had gave. But not with this Human Touch! The HT-7120 has seven completely different intensity levels so the user of the chair can get the exact massage they want.

When you add in the lumbar heat that provides a soothing warmth to your lower back during the massage you have a chair that can truly work miracles for those who have chronic back pain in their daily lives. With just 15 minutes a day in this chair anyone can truly relief their pain and stress to lead a fuller life.

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