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Arm & Leg Massage With the Human Touch HT-5320

Posted on: May 3, 2009

For those who have significant pain in their arms or legs the Human Touch HT-5320 is a very unique massage chair that can handle these specific areas very well. Whether you are an athlete who needs to pay special attention to your appendages for a quick and complete recovery. Or even if you are suffering from pains from ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome or fibromyalgia and need relief in order to go about your daily lives this chair can help you with your needs.

For the arms the HT-5320 is the only massage chair on the market to have this useful feature. Adjustable sleeves are available that you can position on your arm wherever you need the relief. This sleeve can be easily moved aside if you do not want to use the feature or put into place where you need the massage. This will give the chair user a slow air massage in the area. This is perfect for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or other muscle or tendon issues in their arm.

For the legs this Human Touch massage chair also includes this same slow air sleeve for the thighs. This too is unique to the HT-5230 making it ideal for those with restless leg syndrome or athletes who depend on their legs getting maximum recovery after a particularly strenuous workout. When this is combined with the leg and foot massage that is built into the ottoman you have a very thorough massage to an area of our bodies that must take holding up our weight daily. The calf massage can do wonders for your legs while the feet massage can have benefits way beyond just your feet. Reflexology has shown that massage in specific areas of the feet can aid your body with digestion and evn get rid of headaches. Making the leg and arm massage on this chair extremely valuable to many.


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