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Massage chair salesman sometimes forget that many of the customers who are looking into these therapeutic products for their homes do not always know much about them. These shoppers are told how beneficial they are to their body, but just how these chairs can achieve this is a mystery to them. Of course those that truly want to get their moneys worth from their purchase take the time to learn more about their choices and what goes into each one so they can buy the best model for their needs. Reading reviews and watching massage chair videos is a excellent way to learn more about these chairs and just what they can do to help your body feel its absolute best.


Many massage chairs on the market use the Shiatsu method of massage for relieving the body of stress and pain. This sounds impressive but many shoppers do not know what Shiatsu is or even bother to find out how it can benefit them and help them feel vibrant and energetic. To these massage chair users they just know it works and are just happy to have the results. Of course others who are considering a massage chair purchase may want to know exactly what Shiatsu is and how it can help them in their search for better health and life.

Though originally a Chinese therapy the Japanese have taken Shiatsu and made it truly their own form of healing. Shiatsu is sometimes compared to acupressure and both are similar to acupuncture but no needles are used in either process. We will discuss the difference between Shiatsu and acupressure later. First they are similar in that they both look for and find blockages in the flow in the life force of the body.

With Shiatsu as well as acupressure the belief that the body has a life force and that when there is a blockage to that force than the body needs repaired. This is done in Shiatsu by stretching and manipulating the soft tissue and muscles where the blockage is occurring and just around. Extending beyond the acupoints is what makes Shiatsu different from acupressure, which only uses the points in the body.

Shiatsu uses a pressure combined with a rhythmic pattern to remove the blockage. This is believed to restore the balance within the body in order to regain complete health and wellness. In a massage chair the mechanics behind the rhythmic movement is amazingly human feeling making chairs which utilize this technique extremely relaxing and therapeutic to use.

Many of the more affordable massage chairs do not include heat in the back as a standard feature. This is something that is reserved for higher end more advanced chairs that include lots more options. Heat in the lumbar region can really do wonders for those who suffer from regular back pain. Though not a necessity it is s plus for those who want relief from their pain. But if you can find a massage chair that you like which does not include a heat in the back you can always use a heating pad or hot towel with your chair for the same effect.

There is no doubt that a massage chair feels great no matter who you are or what kind of aches and pains or even stress you want relief for. But everyone is different and while some people prefer a stronger massage others prefer a more subtle approach. For this reason it is essential that those who are shopping for a home massage chair need to get the one that meets their particular preference. While generally a stronger massage is better there are some chairs available that will allow you to adjust the strength to your liking.

When you are shopping for a chair try and find a model that feels good to you, has the variable control, or is stronger than you like. You cannot add strength so do not get a chair that does not deliver. But if the chair provides a strong massage you can add padding in order to get a slightly more relaxing massage when you prefer to have it that way. Your body will also become used to the stronger massage over time and this is what will give your body the maximum benefits that the chair is capable of providing.

For many Americans back pain is a part of their everyday lives that no matter how hard they try they just cannot seem to get away from it. Most sufferers have tried just about everything possible to alleviate the pain from prescriptions to inversion therapy to even surgery, most often to no avail. But more and more research is showing just how effective a massage chair can be. Newer chairs like the Sanyo Zero Gravity massage chair also have added benefits that make them even more valuable to those who suffer from chronic back pain.

As spinal decompression is becoming more popular with those with back pain it is being discovered that zero gravity massage chairs such as the one from Sanyo can actually mimic the same treatment given by doctors. These chairs can recline back in order to stretch the back and apply the rollers to the spine. For those who suffer daily and can truly benefit from this type of treatment but cannot always get to the chiropractor this is extremely good news. The massage chair is simply using gravity as the pulling force for the back. While the rollers deflate the cervical disc allowing the soft tissue to be stretched just as mechanical traction can do on the back.

But the massage chair can also do so much more than just that making it a ideal tool to have in the home for those who have chronic pain in not only their backs but anywhere in their bodies. These chairs can thoroughly massage away pain and leave your body feeling young and refreshed again. With the accupoint detection system the chair can easily find the spots in your body that need the most attention. While the rollers are capable of feeling just like human hands and can perform several different massage techniques in order to make you feel great.

It seems like the more effective home massage chairs are usually awkward looking and not something you would want to visibly display in your home. But the Human Touch HT-7120 has a very comfortable office appearance to it. The features on this chair are plentiful but they are carefully concealed so this chair does not have to be hidden in a back room of your home.

The reclining feature of the HT-7120 is capable of actually giving a full body stretch. Though it may sound like some crazy torture device it is far from it. The foot and calf massagers gently hold your legs while the massage chair reclines back. This provides a mild stretch which feels amazingly good. Plus the stretch will increase the flow of blood within the spine and make your lower back feel great.

One complaint many massage chair users have about some of the available models on the market is the intensity of the massage. Some users prefer a softer touch while others want a more intense massage. Of course not all massage chairs have the ability to adjust the intensity so users had to cope with whatever the chair they had gave. But not with this Human Touch! The HT-7120 has seven completely different intensity levels so the user of the chair can get the exact massage they want.

When you add in the lumbar heat that provides a soothing warmth to your lower back during the massage you have a chair that can truly work miracles for those who have chronic back pain in their daily lives. With just 15 minutes a day in this chair anyone can truly relief their pain and stress to lead a fuller life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a masseuse at your beck and call ready to give you a soothing massage anytime you want or need a massage to soothe your body and mind? Well actually you can have your own masseuse on call at a fraction of the cost of seeing one regularly for one year. The Human Touch HT-136 is a feature packed massage chair that can give your body all the soothing relief a masseuse can but from the comfort of your own home and when it is the most convenient for you.

For those who have never used a home massage chair or have not used one in a long time they are truly surprised by just how much the rollers in these chairs actually feel like real human hands. The HT-136 has lots of feature packed into a very affordable package. This chair has the capabilities to thoroughly massage your entire body from your neck completely down to your feet.

Since this is a reclining massage chair you can sit back with your feet propped up so there is less stress on your body to receive one of the many custom programmed massages that comes with this chair. Plus since the base will swivel unlike many massage chairs you can turn the chair to the direction you want to face while you are enjoying your massage. If you also happen to be a taller individual this massage chair from Human Touch also can alter to three different shoulder height settings to accommodate different heights. This is something many other chairs overlook leaving the very tall feeling cramped inside.

This massage chair is also a extremely good-looking model as well. Made with a leather surface and oak arm rests there is no medical looking appearance to this chair despite its therapeutic capabilities.