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Using Massage Chairs For Hip Pain & Mobility As You Age

Posted on: April 26, 2009

As people age, their hips begin to lose not only bone density but mobility as well and this seems to be more even more pronounced in women than in men. This leads to difficulty walking as well as potential falls that may leave them with potentially life altering broken bones. Luckily the mobility in their hips as well as in other joints in the body can be treated to significantly slow down this process so that those individuals can lead a fuller life just as they did when they were younger.

Massage has been proven to promote the body to create the lubricants naturally found in our joints that are needed to retain mobility as well as flexibility. This massage does not have to come from a massage therapist either. Many home massage chairs include options for getting the area around the hips thoroughly to help those who already suffer from pain and lose of flexibility in this area to those who just want to prevent this from happening to them. In many cases these massage chair recliners are utilizing air bags in order to massage the hips and relief them of pain and promote healing in the area.


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