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A Massage Chair For Taller Users

Posted on: April 18, 2009

Many taller people feel left out when it comes to the majority of designs on a home massage chair. For them this chairs just feel way too small, the rollers do not land on just the right spots, and the calf and foot massage rarely works well on their longer legs. But the Panasonic EP1285 is a massage chair that includes all the features that everyone wants in a design that can be custom fitted to accommodate a longer framed individual.

The EP1285 includes an extendable leg ottoman, which will allow up to six additional inches as compared to the average massage chair. This will place the calf massagers in just the right position and will also include a foot massager for those who need the extra attention that this feature can add to their relaxation. The rollers on the chair can also be adjusted making it easier for the taller person to make sure they hit the parts of the body they were intended to massage.

Of course this extendable design is utilized on a massage chair that has everything that any user would come to want to take care of most any chronic pain or stress they feel in their body. By combining the classic Swedish massage with the Panasonic exclusive Chiro-Mode as well as a deep tissue Shiatsu massage you can get complete body care in one easy to operate chair for your home. The chair has several pre-programmed sessions that utilize the techniques the rollers are capable of performing. These massages can be easily controlled with the remote control which stores away discreetly in the side pocket when the chair is not in use. Making this one massage chair that not only performs well but looks great sitting in your living room so you do not look like you live in a hospital like some chairs do.


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