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The Affordable, Great Looking iJoy 300 Massage Chair

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Many people realize the benefits of a home massage chair but few really want to pay several thousand dollars for one. So many live on a budget that just will not accommodate such a purchase even if it does have great health benefits. But there are great massage chairs available that actually cost less than $1,000 making it possible to get a chair that can relieve your stress and pain without causing any stress and pain to your wallet. The iJoy 300 is just such a chair and not only is this massage chair affordable it also looks great as well unlike many other models from other companies.

Contrary to logic the makers of iJoy massage chairs did not sacrifice quality in order to make this chair so easy on the wallet. The easy to operate remote control gives the user simple one button operation for three different 15 minute long massage sessions. Plus you can control all four of the different massage techniques to create a massage that is just what you personally need. To make this chair more appealing it really does look great and does not look like a medical chair like some models. This one looks great and feels wonderful so you will want to sit in it even when you are not getting a massage.


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