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Comparing Massage Chairs While Shopping

Posted on: April 13, 2009

There are so many massage chairs available on the market it can be hard to compare many models together to see which is the best one for you when you are not sure what the differences between them are. Being able to accurately compare massage chairs is essential to being able to find the chair that will suit you and your needs the best.

One of the biggest differences in most massage chairs is the massage techniques that are incorporated into the chair. Some chairs only offer a couple of techniques that the massage rollers are programmed to perform. While other more advanced massage chairs will offer many techniques and even offer them in various speeds. While some like to have lots of choices for the type of massage they will receive that day. Others only want that one tried and true technique that repairs their sore muscles and eases their stress each and every time.

Programmed in features are also more predominating in chairs that are more advanced with body scanning and available preprogrammed massage sessions. A body scan can find the exact locations on your body that needs special attention during your massage. This scan will find the tight, sore muscles that need massage to alleviate the pain and promote healing. Many will also have programmed in sessions that utilize the massage techniques that are available in the chair. These make using the chair as simple as sitting down and pushing a couple of buttons to begin your session.

There are several aesthetic differences as well that may or may not be important to the massage chair buyer. Some chairs use synthetic materials while others are made with genuine leather. Others feature recliners while other massage chairs may omit the reclining feature. Many also add in arm, calf, and foot massagers for a more complete full body massage that feels wonderful.

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