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Avoiding Overuse of Your Massage Chair

Posted on: April 9, 2009

As much as we want everyone to use a massage chair to help their bodies with stress and chronic pain so that users feel great, we also do not want a massage chair to cause someone harm. Of course for the most part the general use of a massage chair is perfectly fine in moderation, but if you have any questions for your specific case than please consult your physician before you begin using one in your home. But those who use a massage chair should remember the keyword moderation when using their chair. A good thing such as massage and even exercise can be too much of a good thing if used too much.

Most chiropractic and massage chair experts recommend users spend fifteen minutes at a time in a massage chair. Overuse can actually harm the body and there are no extra benefits with extra use. But if a user spends too much time in their massage chair with the unit actually massaging their body there can be some consequences. Potentially the user can experience bruising in some areas. Plus they can damage and possibly inflame their body tissue especially if the chair is giving a more intense massage.
Most massage chairs have a built in timer as well as pre-programmed massages that will help them ensure that they do not use the chair too long for any particular session. Of massage chairs have evolved a lot since their early days and they are now much more comfortable to sit in when the chair is not actually operating. Older models were not as comfortable so many users did not want to sit in them too long. Of course you can still sit in your chair as much as you like to watch TV or to read a book it is only the operating time that users need to regulate for their safety.

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