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Comparing The Inada Sogno with the Sogno Plus

Posted on: March 17, 2009

The Inada Sogno is one of the most exciting new massage chairs to come out in the industry in quite some time. The chair comes in a standard version as well as a Plus version, which includes a few extra features that are not on the standard chair.

While both chairs feature some excellent massage for your entire body only the Plus includes air bags in the arms, forearms, and fingers. Each also includes a neck massage and traction feature that can relax even the most tense muscles in that area due to stress or injury. But the Plus also includes movement in the first attempt to create a 3D movement. For those with pain in their hips, lower back, and buttocks this is a great improvement in these areas.

The Sogno Plus also features heat in the lumbar area that the standard does not include. Though not essential for a quality massage, heat can do a lot for those with lower back pain. Heat can greatly relax muscles increasing the effectiveness of the massage you receive from the Sogno.

Color is the final difference between these two great massage chair models. While the Sogno is available in slate and dark chocolate the Plus is also available in a crème color. Of course whichever model and color you choose this is one contemporary massage chair that is not like anything else available.


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