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Inada Massage Chairs: The First Home Massage Chair

Posted on: March 7, 2009

There are so many makes of home massage chairs now that it is hard to believe that only a few decades ago this was a new technology that was pioneered by one company. Inada massage chairs were the original in the industry and even today are a leader in coming up with new concepts and ideas to continually improve on home massage chairs so that they can bring millions stress and pain relief in an easy to use product.

Inada built there first automated home massage chair in Japan in 1962 and has been the first for many of the top innovations in the industry. Inada massage chairs were the first in the industry to include the option for two or four rollers, offer kneading, spinal roller, air bags for massage and so much more. Many other massage chair manufacturers have come along over the years but Inada has continually been one of the best in the business. If you are considering a home massage chair than quality of the product is probably a big concern for you. When a company has been around as long as Inada you can count on their quality or they never would have been in business so long.


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