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One of the advantages professional athletes have over their weekend warrior brethren is having a masseuse on call to care for their bodies to help them work at their optimal level. Some amateurs get to see a masseuse on occasion but the cost of this prevents many from seeing one too often. Of course the athlete who does not have the big budget to get a regular massage from a masseuse but yet wants the benefit of receiving a massage to keep their bodies working their best do have another alternative.

Athletes too can benefit from having a massage chair in their home to get the healing and repair that massage can bring to the muscles, tendons and parts of the body that are put under more stress from exercise. Massage chairs are capable of giving excellent Shiatsu and Swedish massages which are two of the most common techniques used by a masseuse on an athlete to aid their bodies after a long workout. These massage techniques are proven to increase flexibility, relieve swelling and tension to encourage healing in the muscles. This results in better performance and less susceptibility to injury for the athlete who is not a professional with a on staff masseuse.

Studies show that more and more Americans are not getting enough sleep at night and are going through their daily lives in a constant state of sleep deprivation. While some of these individuals claim to be fine and many others try to use weekends to play catch up the lack of a proper sleep schedule is taking a toll on their health as well as their job performance. For some of these people they are just not laying down long enough for sleep while for others they cannot fall to sleep or wake up frequently in the night to keep them from getting the amount they need.

Research is showing that sleep is very close behind exercise and nutrition for good health and this means that most everyone is putting their health at risk by not getting enough sleep at night. Massage has proven to help aid in relaxation making it easier for those who suffer from sleep deprivation to get the hours they need of quality REM sleep. Massage can relax your muscles and ease your stress and tension to aid in melting away the troubles of the day. For some their sleep issues are medical in nature and will need to be treated by a physician but for many it is simply a matter of learning to relax before heading off to bed.

The use of a home massage chair 15 minutes each evening can greatly help the user relax in the comfort of their own home. This will help them to fall asleep quicker and to stay asleep throughout the night. Once the user gets into the routine of using this massage chair to not only help them mentally relax but to also aid their sore muscles they will wonder how they ever got along without a massage chair in their home before.

There is a lot of talk about the benefits that come from regular massage therapy and how it can help your body cope with stress and reduce chronic pain. But what about risks that may be involved with a massage most people feel that if the use of this technique was perfect than everyone would be doing it all the time. Overall there are no real risks with massage but those who have blood clotting disorders, have deep vein thrombosis, or are pregnant should consult a physician before they begin massage chair use. Of course if there are any questions anyone has they should consult a professional and get a opinion on their own personal case before starting use.

A massage chair is an expensive item for most people, but for those who do the math they are well worth every penny. Whether you are comparing the cost of the massage chair with the cost of regular visits to a masseuse or to the amount of money that may come from missed work due to chronic pain they are a real bargain. But that still does not change the fact that not too many people have a few thousand dollars that they can use right away to purchase one of these chairs for their home.

Luckily the good folks over at Massage Chair Relief has a very affordable financing program available for the massage chairs they sell via their storefront or their website. Those interested in purchasing one of the quality chairs they offer from such great companies as Human Touch or Panasonic can now easily apply for financing right on their website.

By financing your home massage chair you can get the relief you need now and make very affordable monthly payments on the model you choose. The process could not be easier and there is hardly any wait before they get back to you on the status of your application for financing your massage chair.

The tough economic times has many people watching their budget very carefully. With many losing their jobs and homes around us it is hard to consider purchasing what some might think is a luxury item; a home massage chair. Yet for many Americans with chronic aches and pains in their bodies it is hard to call something that helps you continue to work a luxury. For some the pain can actually affect their ability to effectively hold down their jobs and the relief that a massage chair can bring makes working easier to accomplish.

For those who need massage to help their bodies, a massage chair in their home is not a luxury but a necessity. But there is still no need to spend more money than necessary for a quality massage chair. True there are some exceptional chairs with some amazing features available on the upper end of the cost spectrum that are truly luxury items as well as beneficial. But you do not have to spend a fortune to get a quality massage chair that can give a healing and therapeutic massage that will benefit your body.

Human Touch makes an extensive line of massage chairs, the iJoy, that are affordable on just about any budget. These chairs may not have as many features as the more expensive models, but in many cases these features are not even noticed by the average user. These iJoy massage chairs use the four primary massage techniques are recommended by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedist which are highly effective at removing the pain and stress from your body. Of course you do not sacrifice appearance in these chairs either since they are made with quality materials and come in models that will fit well into your home décor.

The Inada Sogno is one of the most exciting new massage chairs to come out in the industry in quite some time. The chair comes in a standard version as well as a Plus version, which includes a few extra features that are not on the standard chair.

While both chairs feature some excellent massage for your entire body only the Plus includes air bags in the arms, forearms, and fingers. Each also includes a neck massage and traction feature that can relax even the most tense muscles in that area due to stress or injury. But the Plus also includes movement in the first attempt to create a 3D movement. For those with pain in their hips, lower back, and buttocks this is a great improvement in these areas.

The Sogno Plus also features heat in the lumbar area that the standard does not include. Though not essential for a quality massage, heat can do a lot for those with lower back pain. Heat can greatly relax muscles increasing the effectiveness of the massage you receive from the Sogno.

Color is the final difference between these two great massage chair models. While the Sogno is available in slate and dark chocolate the Plus is also available in a crème color. Of course whichever model and color you choose this is one contemporary massage chair that is not like anything else available.

If you are looking for a quality mid-range massage chair for your home than the Panasonic 30003 may just be the particular chair you are looking for to relief your body of stress and pain. This chair is one of the most advanced chairs available in this price range. Of course there is so many features and technologies packed into this chair some users complain that it is too much especially if you are the type who does not like to read a users manual. Luckily Panasonic realized this and built in a easy to operate and understand voice guidance system that can walk you through the use and features of the chair.

Panasonic also choose to add the Junetsu massage technique to the 30003 which is a deep massage for the body which feels really great on the back for those who tend to have really tight muscles in this area. A Junetsu massage can really loosen up really tight areas in your back which for those who sit often for work or do a lot of heavy lifting they will truly appreciate this feature. Of course others who do not like a deep tissue type of massage this is not the chair for those who prefer a more gentle style. For these people there are plenty of other models available which give a more relaxing massage.

Others who have tried the Panasonic 30003 raved about the easy to use remote control, which controls the features on the massage chair very simple. This remote also has a voice activation feature making this chair one of the easiest to control on the market. For the money this massage chair is one of the best available with lots of features packed into a well built massage chair that will deliver a massage comparable to that of higher end models.