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Reducing Dependancy On Medications With Massage Chairs

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Over half of the citizens of the United States take at least one prescription drug annually with a vast majority of the people taking more than one pill on a daily basis for a chronic condition. The leading conditions behind these pills are high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. The range of patients taking daily medications is also getting larger as in the past it was mostly older Americans but now it is even children taking some of these serious medications.

Research does show that massage, whether from therapy or even a home massage chair can reduce the need for medications in most of those who are taking them on regular basis. Most people know that massage can lower the stress levels that we all feel as well as reduce the pain that many feel in their muscles and bodies. But massage chairs can also lessen depression and anxiety plus increase your overall health making you less dependant on prescription drugs in daily lives.

Some of these positive affects are well understood by science while others are still not understood just how they work to help the body. Massage does specific physiological and chemical changes that can greatly reduce the health concerns that just about anyone has and this will reduce the dependence on medications to control the illnesses.

Though results do very from person to person the overall effects are positive for everyone who uses a massage chair. Research has shown that some are able to completely stop taking their medications while others only reduce the amounts they need to take. But as with anything involving your health you should undertake this under medical supervision. By working with your physician to monitor your health while you use a massage chair you are sure to get some positive results.


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