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Help From Depression From Massage Chairs

Posted on: February 18, 2009

It seems more people than ever are taking medications for depression and anxiety in their lives. There is some debate among not only the community but with physicians as well that maybe too many people are taking medications for some symptoms that can be controlled via other means. Wherever you stand on this debate there is no arguing the World Health Organization’s prediction that by 2020 depression will be second only to heart disease as a leading cause of disability.

We all get a little blue on occasion and the simple gesture of the human touch can make us feel so much better whether it is a hug or the touch of a hand on our own. For centuries massage was used to treat many ailments in ancient China and we have gotten away from this practice despite the overwhelming benefits.

For those with depression massage in a massage chair in their home can greatly aid them in improving their mood and overcoming the negative feelings, which are taking over their lives. Though science is still trying to explain exactly what it is about massage that can aid in easing the symptoms in depression the results from many studies show that it does help no matter how severe the symptoms in the sufferer. Plus as with any massage therapy there are no negative side effects that must be considered making it something everyone who deals with depression should consider trying to help them feel better.

In a 1998 study massage was shown to decrease depressive moods, anxiety levels, and stress hormones. Though they are not sure if this is a result of a physical aspect or a psychological one or maybe even a combination of the two they can conclude that massage and use of massage chairs can improve your outlook and make you feel better emotionally.


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