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How Effective Are Zero Gravity Massage Chairs?

Posted on: February 9, 2009

If you are shopping for a massage chair at this time then you have surely heard of zero gravity massage chairs and heard the advertisements that state these are the best chairs to ever hit the market. If you read the reviews of those who have tried these chairs they have nothing but great things to say. But then the majority of massage chair reviews are from people who upon trying one out are stunned with just how good it can actually feel.

For many their first experience in a zero gravity massage chair is a little unnerving. The chair tilts you back into the same position in which astronauts are in when they are ready for a lift off. But for the common man in massage chair it feels like the chair is not going to stop tilting back so you start thinking you are about to be dumped out on your head. Once you get over this sensation it begins to dawn on you that you are actually really comfortable.

One other thing many first time users of zero gravity massage chairs will notice is they do not have a weightless feeling they may have expected to have. Of course that is impossible since we cannot escape the pull of gravity while still on the planet. But this is a amazingly comfortable position that allows the chair to give the best massage possible to your muscles. The relaxed position makes it even easier for the chair to bring stress and pain relief to the user simply because the positioning makes them feel better before the massage even begins.

Of course many may wonder if the price tag associated with these chairs make them worth investing in to place in your home. This is really a personal question that each person will need to answer for him or herself. For some the convenience of having a massage anytime you want is well worth every penny. While for others a visit to the spa is the better route because they love the atmosphere when they are being pampered.


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