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Pregnancy has lots of effects on the body of the woman who is carrying the child and this can for some women make the experience an uncomfortable one. When you take into account that the woman has to be careful what she puts into her body this can make getting relief from some of the side effects a little tough for some. But there is relief that is totally safe for the mother and child in the form of massage.

Pregnancy creates changes in the body both mentally and physically that can be anywhere from very slight to very heavy and this will vary from woman to woman. Mood swings, nausea, back pain, heartburn, water retention, and so much more can really make a woman who is pregnant very uncomfortable.

Massage whether from a massage therapist or a home massage chair can alleviate all of these symptoms and make the pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience for all women. The benefits of massage can take care of all the physical and mental changes that a woman is experiencing even when they are more severe than in other women. Of course all women should consult their obstetrician before seeking massage therapy to ensure this is something that will not affect any personal situations unique to you.

When you are an aging senior joint flexibility and mobility are important to a body that not only performs well but also feels good. When we age are bodies begin to dehydrate and lose of fluids in our joints vastly decreases our flexibility in the connective tissues of the joints. Massage from a massage chair in your home can encourage the production of the natural lubricants in tissues, ligaments, and joints to increase the flexibility and range of motion we have in our bodies. This will enhance an active life well into the older year of seniors to make life full of their favorite activities.

Over half of the citizens of the United States take at least one prescription drug annually with a vast majority of the people taking more than one pill on a daily basis for a chronic condition. The leading conditions behind these pills are high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. The range of patients taking daily medications is also getting larger as in the past it was mostly older Americans but now it is even children taking some of these serious medications.

Research does show that massage, whether from therapy or even a home massage chair can reduce the need for medications in most of those who are taking them on regular basis. Most people know that massage can lower the stress levels that we all feel as well as reduce the pain that many feel in their muscles and bodies. But massage chairs can also lessen depression and anxiety plus increase your overall health making you less dependant on prescription drugs in daily lives.

Some of these positive affects are well understood by science while others are still not understood just how they work to help the body. Massage does specific physiological and chemical changes that can greatly reduce the health concerns that just about anyone has and this will reduce the dependence on medications to control the illnesses.

Though results do very from person to person the overall effects are positive for everyone who uses a massage chair. Research has shown that some are able to completely stop taking their medications while others only reduce the amounts they need to take. But as with anything involving your health you should undertake this under medical supervision. By working with your physician to monitor your health while you use a massage chair you are sure to get some positive results.

A massage chair can be a significant purchase for some individuals with models ranging from approximately $1000 to $4000 depending on the features that are on each model. The features that are available on the higher end chairs are nice but if they are just not in your budget this does not mean that a quality chair is just not in the cards for you. Even those massage chairs that are in the lower end of the spectrum have enough rollers and features that you can still get all the benefits from the massage you just will not have some of the bells and whistles. Many users do not even use these high end features out anyway so a massage chair from that price range may actually be the better deal for you.

If you were told that massage could actually help you stay well and get sick less often would you believe it? It does sound too good to be true, but it really is the case. Massage whether from a therapist or a home massage chair can actually boost your immune system, which can help you fight off potential illness making it so that you are a healthier person.

Scientific research has proven that elevated levels of stress does keep your immune system from working the way it is designed to. This leaves you vulnerable from attack especially during those times of year when so many people around us are carrying colds and flu. Massage chairs have been shown to increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity and decrease the number of T-cells in the body. This has very positive effects on the function of your immune system, which means that you will be better prepared to fight off the germs you encounter on a daily basis.

Of course a boosted immune system from massage chairs is a not a guarantee that you will stay well but it is a increased effectiveness at fighting off the disease. This translate to faster recovery times and less severity of symptoms in the illnesses you do pick up.

It seems more people than ever are taking medications for depression and anxiety in their lives. There is some debate among not only the community but with physicians as well that maybe too many people are taking medications for some symptoms that can be controlled via other means. Wherever you stand on this debate there is no arguing the World Health Organization’s prediction that by 2020 depression will be second only to heart disease as a leading cause of disability.

We all get a little blue on occasion and the simple gesture of the human touch can make us feel so much better whether it is a hug or the touch of a hand on our own. For centuries massage was used to treat many ailments in ancient China and we have gotten away from this practice despite the overwhelming benefits.

For those with depression massage in a massage chair in their home can greatly aid them in improving their mood and overcoming the negative feelings, which are taking over their lives. Though science is still trying to explain exactly what it is about massage that can aid in easing the symptoms in depression the results from many studies show that it does help no matter how severe the symptoms in the sufferer. Plus as with any massage therapy there are no negative side effects that must be considered making it something everyone who deals with depression should consider trying to help them feel better.

In a 1998 study massage was shown to decrease depressive moods, anxiety levels, and stress hormones. Though they are not sure if this is a result of a physical aspect or a psychological one or maybe even a combination of the two they can conclude that massage and use of massage chairs can improve your outlook and make you feel better emotionally.

Many of the lifestyle choices we all make today are in all actuality very unhealthy for us. Our overall posture is going downhill, in many cases as we slouch over computers for hours. This results in bad backs and many other musculo-skeletal pains that can affect your quality of life as well as your ability to perform your job and earn a living.

By having poor posture you are actually upsetting the balance of the muscles in your body and how every muscle in your body has an opposite that should be as strong pulling in the other direction. Massage can fix this imbalance in your body and get you standing up straight again. This will result in your feeling better and experiencing less pain from poor posture.

Improving your posture is simple by having a session with a home massage chair. This will leave your muscles feeling invigorated and strong so that you feel like you are standing straighter. Repeated use of one of these massage chairs will result in improving your muscles so that you do start sitting and standing in correct alignment again.