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The Addition of Air Bags To Massage Chairs

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Many massage chairs now include rollers as well as air bags to give the ultimate massage in your very own home just like having your own masseuse on staff. The combination of the two components gives you a large variety of massage techniques that a few years ago many would have claimed you could only get from human hands and not a mechanical massage chair.

The rollers move on tracks and depending on the massage chair brand and complexity it may be just up and down or it may be more complicated including left, right, and even in circles. The ability to control these rollers and control your massage is absolutely amazing. For those who want a softer touch the rollers will remain farther back in the chair for a more gentle massage or they can come closer to the surface for a more intense massage to really work out those really tense muscles. Depending on the manufacturer these rollers can knead, roll, tap, grip, and more for a wonderful feeling on your tired sore muscles.

Many massage chairs such as the Inada Sogno Dream Wave Plus includes air bags for yet another massage experience for your body that previously you could only get from a masseuse. These air bags usually concentrated around the buttocks, legs, or even arms are used to mimic the squeezing and gripping that a massage therapist will do to relax the muscles in those areas. This is accomplished in a massage chair using these air bags with a compressor controlled by a computer. These air bags can be filled and deflated quickly or slowly to control the type of massage that the user receives from them.

When combined the rollers and air bags create a total body massage that can relax and rejuvenate your body. Whether you are looking for relief from chronic pain or just a release from the pressure built up over the day these chairs are truly wonderful.

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