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Deciding Which Massage Chair Fits Your Needs

Posted on: January 23, 2009

Deciding you want a massage chair in your home to alleviate either stress or chronic pain is not a hard decision for many people. The hard decision is deciding which chair will be the one that fits your needs the best from the large variety with many different features that are available to choose from.

Of course for many the price of the massage chair is the first thing that they look at. A budget is a budget and there is no use looking at models, which exceed that amount. For those on a tight budget the iJoy series from Human Touch massage chairs is a great place to start your search for the perfect unit for your home.

The basic comfort of the chair should be considered as well since a chair that does not feel good at all will not end up being used. Take the time to sit in the massage chairs you are considering and see if they are comfortable to you. This is really important if you are taller than average since many people with more stature feel cramped in some chairs.

Try the massage chair out and see if the strength of the rollers is to your liking. Some models have more intense rollers than others just as some people prefer a deeper massage than others. Make sure it feels good to you before you buy or you will not be satisfied with the results. Also try out the presets and see if there is one that really seems to hit the spots you want massaged. If there is no preset on the chair that meets your needs check you should check to see if it is easy for you to program so that it fits your needs. If the massage chair does not give the massage you personally need it will do you no good and you will not end up using it to get the therapeutic massage you need.


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