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Massage Chairs in The Workplace

Posted on: January 9, 2009

There really is nobody that could not benefit from the regular use of a massage chair since these wonders of technology can relieve all types of chronic pain as well as stress. Many employers are starting to see the benefits of massage and realize that by providing this opportunity for their employees they will be more productive for the business. Progressive companies such as Google, which have a masseuse in house, started this trend that employees can utilize for their benefit.

Of course not all companies can afford to keep a masseuse or massage therapist in house for their employees so for these business owners there is still the option of a massage chair. Whether they purchase one or several, massage chairs are only a one time upfront cost that will allow employers to offer this benefit to their employees without adding another salary to the payroll.

Many studies have proven that relaxed, happy employees are more productive and will have better moral than those who are not. By adding a massage chair to the office such as the Human Touch HT-7120 employers can give their workers a break each day that will relax their bodies and ease their tensions. This will leave employees feeling great and increase productivity.

Some business owners may question this logic and claim that the time spent getting the massage would be better spent working and that massages should be received on their own time. But the rejuvenating effects of the massage from the chair will energize the workers and give them the boost they need to make the most of the time they are at work. Plus the option to use the chair will also enhance the employee’s opinion of what it is like to work for this company improving moral and the work they perform.


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