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Those who do not have back problems just do not understand the pain those that suffer from this issue feel. For those who do suffer there is no amount of money too high to relief their pain and get them back to a normal life. Many have tried chiropractors, surgery, and even medications to alleviate their pain so they can continue to do the things they like to do.

For those who have tried massage therapy for their back pain they know that this can alleviate those tight sore muscles around the spine and lower back which cause so many people so much trouble. Of course seeing a massage therapist can be a hassle since you have to get an appointment based more on their time than yours and each visit costs you more money. Those who have tried massage chairs in their home realize that these devices are exactly like going to the therapist but on your own time and for a fraction of the cost.

These home massage chairs do cost some up front but considering you can use one each and every day at your own convenience make them well worth the money spent. For those who suffer back pain this can be the best alternative to getting back to a normal life.

As the news on the economy continues to get worse and more people are being laid off many people are feeling more stress than usual during these tough times. All of this excess stress can cause health problems that will compound all the issues and make taking care of your family an even tougher job. A home massage chair such as those from Human Touch could be just the key to helping you keep that stress in check to ride out the tough times. These chairs come with a variety of features and options so that you can find just the one you need to relieve your stress and feel healthy and well.

One added benefit of a zero gravity massage chair that many do not realize is the relief it provides the legs of the user of the chair. The elevated position raises the legs above the heart to improve circulation while the massage increases this benefit and reduces swelling. This can greatly benefit those who suffer from varicose veins or even restless leg syndrome to relive the pain and swelling these sufferers are feeling from their ailment. For those who suffer from leg pain no matter what the cause they should consider looking into one of the many zero gravity massage chairs from such companies as Sanyo for a relief unlike any other.

Many massage chairs now include rollers as well as air bags to give the ultimate massage in your very own home just like having your own masseuse on staff. The combination of the two components gives you a large variety of massage techniques that a few years ago many would have claimed you could only get from human hands and not a mechanical massage chair.

The rollers move on tracks and depending on the massage chair brand and complexity it may be just up and down or it may be more complicated including left, right, and even in circles. The ability to control these rollers and control your massage is absolutely amazing. For those who want a softer touch the rollers will remain farther back in the chair for a more gentle massage or they can come closer to the surface for a more intense massage to really work out those really tense muscles. Depending on the manufacturer these rollers can knead, roll, tap, grip, and more for a wonderful feeling on your tired sore muscles.

Many massage chairs such as the Inada Sogno Dream Wave Plus includes air bags for yet another massage experience for your body that previously you could only get from a masseuse. These air bags usually concentrated around the buttocks, legs, or even arms are used to mimic the squeezing and gripping that a massage therapist will do to relax the muscles in those areas. This is accomplished in a massage chair using these air bags with a compressor controlled by a computer. These air bags can be filled and deflated quickly or slowly to control the type of massage that the user receives from them.

When combined the rollers and air bags create a total body massage that can relax and rejuvenate your body. Whether you are looking for relief from chronic pain or just a release from the pressure built up over the day these chairs are truly wonderful.

One complaint many early massage chair users had was the generic feeling of the chair and the massage rollers. The massage rollers on the early chairs did not have the ability to move and adjust to fit any type of body. Most people do not fit into a generic mold and since the rollers could not move to accommodate their body shape the massage was not hitting the optimal place on their bodies. Newer massage chairs from Sanyo include a Physical Shape Sensor that can detect the shape of the person in the chair and adjust the rollers to fit their particular shape for the best massage possible.

Deciding you want a massage chair in your home to alleviate either stress or chronic pain is not a hard decision for many people. The hard decision is deciding which chair will be the one that fits your needs the best from the large variety with many different features that are available to choose from.

Of course for many the price of the massage chair is the first thing that they look at. A budget is a budget and there is no use looking at models, which exceed that amount. For those on a tight budget the iJoy series from Human Touch massage chairs is a great place to start your search for the perfect unit for your home.

The basic comfort of the chair should be considered as well since a chair that does not feel good at all will not end up being used. Take the time to sit in the massage chairs you are considering and see if they are comfortable to you. This is really important if you are taller than average since many people with more stature feel cramped in some chairs.

Try the massage chair out and see if the strength of the rollers is to your liking. Some models have more intense rollers than others just as some people prefer a deeper massage than others. Make sure it feels good to you before you buy or you will not be satisfied with the results. Also try out the presets and see if there is one that really seems to hit the spots you want massaged. If there is no preset on the chair that meets your needs check you should check to see if it is easy for you to program so that it fits your needs. If the massage chair does not give the massage you personally need it will do you no good and you will not end up using it to get the therapeutic massage you need.

Many massage chairs claim they can accommodate most adults easily no matter what their height. Of course there are a few exceptions for the way above average tall or short individual but for the most part most chairs will work okay for all. Of course some do a better job than others of getting a taller person from head to toe than other massage chairs might. The HT-1650 from Human Touch is one chair that can accommodate a taller person a little better than most. In some massage chairs a taller individual feels cramped but Human Touch created a chair in this one in which someone of more stature can feel comfortable.