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Using Massage Chairs For Better Posture

Posted on: December 27, 2008

When massage chairs are usually discussed the benefits they have in reducing stress and alleviating pain is commonly known uses for these handy home massage units. But there are other positive uses for these massage chairs that many can benefit from by using them in their own home.

Millions of Americans have poor posture from either being bound to a desk all day working on a computer or from injuries and muscle issues, which prevent them from maintaining a proper posture. Tight and sore muscles get the human body out of balance and this requires the other muscles in your body to compensate which creates a reaction that affects posture in a very negative way.

Regular massage will loosen up those muscles improving posture for a body that not only feels better but functions great as well. But seeing a masseuse can get very expensive so those who purchase a massage chair for their home can reap the benefits without continually paying for a masseuse. Massage chairs such as the Inada Robo Chair improve circulation and blood flow, which will reduce tension in muscles so that you can benefit from better posture and a healthier lifestyle.

1 Response to "Using Massage Chairs For Better Posture"

No doubt about it, massage chairs help posture. I made all my friends sit in mine yesterday actually! I got an iJoy from and it’s really helpful. I sit in it after I do yoga and its the icing on the cake after a hard session! While yoga helps my posture too, the massage chair definitely helps.

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