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Why Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Work So Well

Posted on: December 21, 2008

Zero gravity is the latest buzzwords in the massage chair industry and to many who are not truly familiar with the reasoning behind this theory they feel it is just a glorified way to say that the chair reclines. Well to some degree that is true, it does recline, but there is so much more to it than that.

NASA developed this same positioning technique for astronauts in zero gravity situations since it was discovered that this is natural position the human body wants to be in at these times. This means that your body is more relaxed by simply laying in this position!

Since your body is relaxed by just sitting in this position adding the massage in will really loosen up those tight, sore muscles to relieve you from all of your aches and pains. Plus the Zero Gravity massage chair from Sanyo has the capabilities to be in not one but two anti-gravity positions.

When you combine this reclining in zero gravity feature with the well-known quality of a Sanyo massage chair you get a relaxing experience for your entire body. For those seeking relief from everyday pain or just a little stress relief this is one chair that is out of this world.


1 Response to "Why Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Work So Well"

They’re just awesome. I have one at home and its really nice to use after work. Its an iJoy and its really comfortable. It actually feels like “human hands.”

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