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Why Japan Dominates The Massage Chair Industry

Posted on: December 19, 2008

When you shop around for a massage chair you will quickly notice that many of the top massage chairs such as the Inada Sogno come from companies based in Japan. Of course to some degree that is not surprising since many of the top products we now buy from cars to TVs come from Japan and Asia. But Japan dominates the massage chair industry because of the fact they are so popular in their own country. About one in five Japanese households own and use a massage chair making the country the hottest market in the industry. Though many in the United States are starting to catch on and realize the benefits of using one of these chairs when it comes to pain and stress relief.


1 Response to "Why Japan Dominates The Massage Chair Industry"

There is a very good reason that 1 in 5 homes have a massage chair. All the dang steps. Up and down. Running (in high heels no less) to get to the train station. Then more of the up the stairs, down the stairs. It is also the reason Japanese people are so fit. It is NOT their diet…

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