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Inada Massage Chairs: Leading the Industry

Posted on: December 4, 2008

Massage chairs have been around for almost half a century and they have also come a very long way over that time with new innovations and techniques to relief the human body of stress and pain. Inada massage chairs has been one of the leaders in the industry constantly designing chairs that use the latest technologies that they have invented to provide a better product for the consumer.

Inada massage chairs are behind some of the best innovations in the industry such as kneading mechanisms and the first to use air bags in the massage as well. Not only has Inada lead the way in the mechanisms behind the massage they have also led the way in using these machines to recreate the massage techniques used by professional massage therapist to get results in repairing and stimulating the body to feel better every day.

Plus of course these chairs have also advanced in appearance as well. The earliest models from Inada looked down right uncomfortable to sit in but those of today are plush and inviting looking for maximum comfort. These chairs are no longer an eye sore and an interesting piece that you can proudly display in your home and use as a regular piece of furniture as well.


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