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For those who get really tight muscles in their neck and upper back the Japanese massage technique of Junetsu is the best method for relaxing those tight muscles and relieving that tension. This technique also known as ultra-fine kneading uses tight circular motions to create relaxation and remove the stiffness in those tense muscles. This technique invigorates the muscles and improves circulation and feels absolutely amazing. Now with a Panasonic massage lounger you can get this same massage technique in a massage chair in your very own home. There is no better way to relax a stiff and sore neck for improved mobility and better health than with a Junetsu massage from a massage chair.

When massage chairs are usually discussed the benefits they have in reducing stress and alleviating pain is commonly known uses for these handy home massage units. But there are other positive uses for these massage chairs that many can benefit from by using them in their own home.

Millions of Americans have poor posture from either being bound to a desk all day working on a computer or from injuries and muscle issues, which prevent them from maintaining a proper posture. Tight and sore muscles get the human body out of balance and this requires the other muscles in your body to compensate which creates a reaction that affects posture in a very negative way.

Regular massage will loosen up those muscles improving posture for a body that not only feels better but functions great as well. But seeing a masseuse can get very expensive so those who purchase a massage chair for their home can reap the benefits without continually paying for a masseuse. Massage chairs such as the Inada Robo Chair improve circulation and blood flow, which will reduce tension in muscles so that you can benefit from better posture and a healthier lifestyle.

Some of my personal first experiences with massage chairs were the older less sophisticated models that simply combined a heating element with a few vibrators to create your massage. While this was kind of nice it really lacked a feel that a true massage from a masseuse will feel on your body. So needless to say the newer massage chairs from such companies as Human Touch are a big shock if you have not experienced the advances in massage techniques provided by these chairs. Many such as the Human Touch HT-136 use technology that is endorsed by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists so that you can get a true masseuse feeling massage in the comfort of your own home.

Many Human Touch massage chairs such as the HT-7450 include several pre-programmed massages that you can quickly and easily access to get a perfect 15-minute massage when you need it most. One time that many massage chair users neglect to think of their chair is in the morning when they first get up and going. One of the programmed massages includes a morning wake up massage that is the perfect way to start your day. This morning massage will get the blood flowing in the AM to get your muscles relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day so you feel well rested and ready to face anything.

Zero gravity is the latest buzzwords in the massage chair industry and to many who are not truly familiar with the reasoning behind this theory they feel it is just a glorified way to say that the chair reclines. Well to some degree that is true, it does recline, but there is so much more to it than that.

NASA developed this same positioning technique for astronauts in zero gravity situations since it was discovered that this is natural position the human body wants to be in at these times. This means that your body is more relaxed by simply laying in this position!

Since your body is relaxed by just sitting in this position adding the massage in will really loosen up those tight, sore muscles to relieve you from all of your aches and pains. Plus the Zero Gravity massage chair from Sanyo has the capabilities to be in not one but two anti-gravity positions.

When you combine this reclining in zero gravity feature with the well-known quality of a Sanyo massage chair you get a relaxing experience for your entire body. For those seeking relief from everyday pain or just a little stress relief this is one chair that is out of this world.

When you shop around for a massage chair you will quickly notice that many of the top massage chairs such as the Inada Sogno come from companies based in Japan. Of course to some degree that is not surprising since many of the top products we now buy from cars to TVs come from Japan and Asia. But Japan dominates the massage chair industry because of the fact they are so popular in their own country. About one in five Japanese households own and use a massage chair making the country the hottest market in the industry. Though many in the United States are starting to catch on and realize the benefits of using one of these chairs when it comes to pain and stress relief.

Those who suffer from aches and pains who consider purchasing a massage chair for their home often think of it as the ultimate after a long day relaxation piece of equipment. But massage chairs can actually be used at any time during the day and there are benefits to using it at other times. Many who own massage chairs use them first thing in the morning to stimulate their circulation and get the day off to a great start. Others even use their chairs in the afternoon to keep those muscles from tightening up during a long day. While of course the traditionalist love to relax after a long day with a massage that eases those tensions that build up during the day.