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The 3-D Massage of the Inada Sogno Plus

Posted on: November 25, 2008

Inada massage chairs are currently some of the hottest chairs available on the market and with good reason since they have some of the best technology in the industry right now. The Inada Sogno Plus massage chair uses their Dream Wave technology to provide one of the best full body massages available for those who are looking for relief from daily pain or just a little stress relief.

Dream Wave technology gives what Inada calls a three dimensional massage by moving not just the back rollers as most massage chairs do but also the seat as well. This gives you a complete massage in your back, hips, buttocks, and thighs that is like no other massage chair currently available from any other company.
Of course the Inada Plus does cost just a little more than the standard Inada massage chair but there are so many extra features on the Plus it is worth the extra money. Things like a heated seat as well as these three dimensional rollers are worth every penny when you are truly looking for relief for those aching muscles. Of course the Inada Plus cannot be sold online so you can purchase it from retailers such as Massage Chair Relief over the phone and have it delivered.


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