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A Sanyo Massage Chair For Leg Pain Relief

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Leg pain is a common everyday occurrence for many, for some this is do to sports injuries and stiffness while for others it is age which is taking its toll on the body causing this pain. These sufferers do not realize that massage chairs are not only for the back and neck but they are also great for legs and feet as well the entire body. The HEC-SA5000K from Sanyo is one massage chair that can ease the tension and pain from your entire body with ease. This chair will use many stiffness detection indicators to find the spots in your body, which are in need of a good massage to make you feel as good as new.

For those achy legs this Sanyo chair has the Multi-Point Shiatsu Leg and Foot Massage, which will give the real attention to your legs that is needed by those who suffer from leg pain on a regular basis. This will give your calves, legs, and even your feet the deep muscle tissue massage they truly need to achieve relaxed pain free muscles in these areas. Whether you need focused attention on your thighs or on the feet this massage chair from Sanyo can get you the leg pain relief you need.


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