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The Use of Reflexology In Panasonic Massage Chairs

Posted on: October 25, 2008

I am prone to severe headaches that often turn into migraines and have experimented with reflexology when I feel that a headache is coming on in order to beat it to the pass so to speak. Reflexology is the practice where specific spots are massaged on the bottom of the feet to alleviate problems in other parts of the body. At first I was very skeptical of massaging the bottoms of my feet to alleviate my headaches, but once a certain point in my foot was massaged it did alleviate the pain significantly.

Of course finding someone to massage my feet when I have a headache is not always easy, matter of fact it is rare. Plus those foot massager boxes you get at the store just do not cut it as they do not target specific points. But the Panasonic Massage Lounger has the capabilities built right into the massage chair so that you can target not just parts of your body with the chair, but even specific parts of the foot as well so you can use reflexology to alleviate pain in any part of your body even headaches.


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